10 Effective Ways To A Pain­ Free Childbirth

The time to start practising a breathing technique is during your second trimester up till the time of labour.
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It is possible to give birth without a single pain even though you have not given birth before. The number of first time moms in this statistic is rare but it’s very possible to experience a little or no pain during childbirth.

Are you an expectant mom or planning to be one? I’m sure you must be curious to know how it is possible to have your baby without any single labour pain. And I tell you something, it is possible. One thing you need to know is that, if you want to experience it with ease, you must prepare your mind.

Not every expectant mom can withstand the pains of labour and that is apparently the reason some choose to go for a Caesarean Section even though the procedure is quicker but more expensive. Whilst some women would like to opt for the same Caesarean Section to bypass the unbearable pains in labour but unfortunately can’t afford it. I’m sorry I have to say this, labour can be very painful and unbearable.

During that time, your whole body will be fighting the most fierce battle you have ever fought in your life just to bring forth a baby. I need to be honest with you so you can prepare for the ‘battle’ but hey! Who says you won’t conquer and walk out of that ward hale and healthy with your baby? Of course, you will. But in case, you just can’t stand the pain, you can’t afford Caesarean Section or you don’t want a Caesarean Section even though you can afford it but you want to have a vaginal birth, I will be unveiling the best practical guide in order to achieve this result.

Prior to the time of your delivery date, you will need to prepare your spirit, soul and body to achieve this result with a smile across your face 😊

1: Believe In Yourself: That moms who have given birth went through labour pain doesn’t necessarily mean you will be among them. Although, it’s fine for them to have gone through the hard time during childbirth but you can opt yourself out if you choose not to fall in their shoes. Some moms would love to experience the pains which of course is their choice. But how about you that don’t even want to have such an experience? It will interest you to know what you want and ultimately believe that you will achieve it. You don’t need a big faith to get the miracle done. Even though your faith is as little as a mustard seed, it is enough to do the great work for you. You are going to tell yourself, putting that little faith inside of you at work that “I’m not going to go through labour to have my baby”

You can say those words when you are alone or where you find comfortable to say them. On the other hand, you may say them in your mind. You will have to be consistent in saying these words every time. The point is, you have to be optimistic the more you say them. It’s a prophecy and God will be taking note of it each time you say them. There is no point getting tired of speaking what you want to achieve in reality. It will amaze you to know that the more you keep believing in what you say about how your childbirth is going to be the more you are going to achieve the best result. All you need to do is to believe as you speak forth what you want to see come into existence.

2. Listen To Good Songs: What you listen to matters to your emotional wellbeing. Not every song is worth listening to or singing especially if it’s not an inspirational song or the ones that does not glorify God. Christian songs are the best songs you can choose to sing. Personally, I have tasted the power of God through praise and worship. I feel blessed beyond measure whenever I lift my voice to sing praises to God. You can’t remain the same after praising God. A lot of things takes a dramatic turn whenever you give God the praise.

Do you want to see the awesome power of God manifest in your pregnancy journey? Give Him praise. Start with any Christian songs you know quite well and sing with the whole of your heart. Connect your spirit with the Spirit of God and worship in truth and in spirit. As you do, there is an ongoing manifestation going on in your body, preparing you for a pain-free childbirth.

I want to convince you that there is miracle in praise. You will have to be consistent so you can enjoy the awesome wonders of God in your life. You don’t have to find a convenient time to praise God. You can praise Him anywhere, anytime regardless of the circumstances that surround you.

3. Talk To Your Baby: Your baby hears and responds to whatever you say. Don’t assume your baby does not listen to your conversation. Touch your bump gently and tell your baby that he or she is going to cooperate with you hence, reaching a stress free labour. Tell your baby that kicking during delivery hurts. So, he or she should not kick you during that time so you won’t feel pains. You don’t have to speak to your baby once and for all. It is something you should keep saying, consistently. Sometimes, when you feel bored you can engage in a friendly conversation with your baby as if talking to someone physically present with you. Most importantly, be consistent in a friendly chat with baby.

3. Make Your Hair On Time: Although, you are not certain if you are going to give birth on your due date or before that time. But it is advisable for you to prepare prior to your delivery date to avoid unnecessary discomfort. Let’s say your due date is in three weeks time but anything can happen and you may end up giving birth before then. So, you are not going to take any chances by choosing to make your hair before the three weeks elapses. You are going to be on a safe side by making your hair as early as possible so it will not cause you any discomfort during childbirth. Most importantly, inform your hairstylist to handle your hair with great care to avoid scalp irritation. The best thing is to choose a simple hair style that won’t cause you any ache. Also, don’t over do your hair, just make it simple and beautiful.

4. Avoid Stress: Whether emotional or physical stress, both have a way of affecting your mood and as a result can trigger labour pains. You want to enjoy a pain free labour? Keep stress at bay by all means. Don’t engage in hard work or over stretch yourself for whatever reason. If your work involves you working under pressure, you may need to resign and get an alternative job that is void of stress. Pregnancy is very sensitive and it’s only going to last for forty weeks or less, so you will need to do everything possible to avoid stress in order to enjoy a stress free childbirth.

On the other hand, avoid negative thoughts as they are the root cause of fear-based stress response. Think about things that makes you happy and keep at it. Sometimes, negative thoughts may want to sneak into your mind but you have to be conscious so as not to allow them in. If you always battle with negative thoughts that don’t seem to go away, I encourage you to commit it in prayer and watch God renew your mind. I’m a living a proof. I used to have a problem with negative thoughts years back and they were so difficult to fight them off my mind. This problem deteriorated my emotional health and I found it difficult to concentrate. Thank God for prayer, the only solution to my problem. I didn’t have to meet any therapist. I found God to be the best therapist and He took care of my situation and gave me a new whole being.

Likewise, you too can engage in a spiritual consultation with God through a heartfelt prayer and be rest assured He will give you a complete peace of mind.

5. Engage In Breathing Technique:
The time to start practising a breathing technique is during your second trimester up till the time of labour. You may choose to start during your first trimester but that will be under the instruction of a healthcare provider if needs be. This technique does not require any equipment. You just focus your energy with breathing techniques and relaxation routines. I benefited from this exercise during my second pregnancy and I can tell you it really worked perfectly for me. After my first pregnancy labour experience which was so unbearable, I decided to look for a better solution to reduce pains in labour. I found breathing techniques to be the most effective routine to reduce pains. And sure, it worked! The pains I felt during labour was far less compared to the first pregnancy.

If you want to experience a stress free labour, engage in breathing techniques for several weeks to get the best result. Doing this can delay or eliminate the need of pain medication during childbirth. I recommend Lamaze breathing technique (read more details below) or other breathing techniques if you take a childbirth class. Before you engage in any breathing technique, be sure to consult your doctor to decide if it’s okay to go ahead or not.

Lamaze breathing is a breathing technique based on the idea that controlled breathing can enhance relaxation and decrease the perception of pain.

Some of the important techniques for controlled breathing include: slow, deep breathing. maintaining a rhythm. breathing through your mouth or nose. If you can engage in this exercise as many times as possible the better for you.

6. Give Yourself A Treat: For now, while you are pregnant, pamper yourself with utmost care. Treat yourself the way you would treat a baby. Don’t wait for the necessary need to arise before you can pamper yourself. Get some cookies, or any of your favourite snacks or food and eat with pleasure. Watch your favourite television program that makes you happy. In fact, do the most amazing things that yourself and your unborn child will thank you for. You are not just giving yourself a treat alone. Your baby is also partaking of the treat too.

Sometimes, you may not really be in the mood to pamper yourself because of the condition of your pregnancy. But you just have to train your mind that you need to do everything possible to treat yourself with care, regardless of any situation. When you treat yourself with care, it improves your baby’s mood even after he or she is born.

7. Get Connected With Other Expectant Moms/New Moms: An adage that says “no man is an island to himself’’ is absolutely true. I’d personally rephrase it this way “no expectant mom is an island to herself”. The latter adage will resonate with you more than the former. So, I want you to take my own adage at heart and practically take the step meeting new moms or moms-to-be.

It’s one thing to be overwhelmed with the excitement that you are pregnant and can’t wait to meet your baby. On a second thought, there will be moments of panic when you will feel how labour will look like. How are you going to cope with labour pains as other moms have experienced? I felt this same way too but the more I did the more I was overwhelmed with fear, nothing more. It got to a point that I had to pray for courage. It was at that moment God reminded me that what I fear is what I would attract. Have you been told all kind of scary things about labour pains that you became so worried?

Now, I’m going to tell you that everything they must have told you is true about labour but you are not going to let them bother you. You are going to brace up, tell yourself that your labour will be less painful to feel or no pain to feel at all. This is why you should associate with expectant moms or moms-to-be who are courageous and can offer encouraging words to you. The more you find yourself in this circle, the better chances you have in experiencing a pain-free or less pain labour.

8: Watch What You Eat: I’m not going to guarantee you that whatever you eat will not affect your pregnancy or labour. But I can assure you that, the more you are conscious of what you eat the better for you and on the day of your delivery.

To some expectant moms, they lack appetite for food and wouldn’t want to taste any. While  others have appetite and do eat whatever they feel like. Inasmuch as you and your baby need essential nutrients to keep both of you growing healthy, you are to be conscious of what you eat irrespective of the urge.

There are certain foods that triggers labour pains of which you should avoid. Even though medical experts have not yet figured out what triggers labour pain, it will interest you to know that consumption of sugary food, carbonated drinks, sugary beverages and candies have a way of triggering labour pains. However, you are going to cut these stuff from your diet, completely if possible. But if you can’t endure for reasons best known to you, try to limit them once in a while. In addition to this, it will help you to enjoy a pain-free labour during childbirth, take a lot of natural sweetened fruits in moderation to help neutralise the sugary food ingested.

Most importantly, try not to consume too much of sugary food or if you can, remove them completely from your diet. Like I said earlier, you can neutralise the effects of artificial sugar contained in some foods with fruits and water.

9. Take A Light Walk Outdoor: Routines like this helps you have a shorter and easier labour plus with less pain. Staying indoor all the time won’t help matters. You will need to take a walk within your neighbourhood or you may prefer to go to the beach and feel the freshness of nature.

A light walk outdoor is therapeutic which gives you the feeling of relaxation, calmness and self-confidence. Additionally, it also reduce the complication of pregnancy and the pains of labour. When taking a walk, watch your steps to avoid falling. If you are a bit worried of falling accidentally, let someone go with you so as to support and watch over you. Kindly make sure you wear something very comfortable for you. There is no need putting on tight clothes or wearing shoes that will cause discomfort to you. Let your dressing be simple and decent.

10: Rest Is The Key: As an expectant mom, your body work hard to grow another human being inside you. Therefore, there is a time to work and a time to rest. Don’t over stretch yourself for whatever reasons. No matter the urge or its importance, resist the urge to over work yourself. When you deprive yourself of rest, it affects you and your baby, both emotionally and physically. Depriving yourself of rest can prolong labour pains and also exhaust you quickly during childbirth.

However, whether you don’t feel like resting now because you have a lot to do before deciding to rest finally, you just have to put your health and that of your baby’s into consideration to do the needful. It is at the point of resting that your body functions well to enhance a healthy growth of your baby. The more you rest the more peaceful and stronger you will be.

It’s a pleasure to share with you ten amazing ways you can enjoy a pain-free labour during childbirth. They are facts that you need to consciously put into practical steps without missing any of them. And I believe they will work for you.

Moreover, it’s just a matter of knowing what you want and how you want it to be. So, you have to put in every effort to achieve the best result by faithfully following the above step-by-step guide mentioned with consistent practice.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a professional healthcare provider if you have any specific questions about any medical matter.

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