12 Best Ways To Become An Organized Stay At Home Mom

how to be a more organized stay at home mom

Being an organized stay at home mom is not easy and it’s funny how most people assume they aren’t doing anything at all compared to those that go to work. But it will amaze you to know that staying at home and taking care of your family including the home front is hard work. There is always something that will require your attention which can sometimes make you lose focus on something you are doing at the moment.

Before I became a mom, it was quite easy to organize myself. I never found any of my routines boring. I was this kind of person that loved doing things properly until I was satisfied everything was in order. But now, the story has changed since I became a mom. I found myself more disorganized often time.

I became more sluggish by not taking my daily routine seriously. It was so embarrassing and at the same time annoying. All these sudden change of attitude amounted to emotional stress. It was unlike me as I was beginning to deteriorate. It became a concern to me and I thought something had to be done fast before losing my mind. I have a very supportive husband who has been my backbone. He has helped out in one or the other without complaining. I love him for this reason(chuckles). I felt I was becoming less concern about the needful other than taking care of my children and my husband as well.

So I had to wake up and tell myself it’s high time I start paying attention to the important things I have been neglecting so far. To be honest with you, getting back on my feet to get things organized wasn’t easy when I started. I felt part of me asking me to decline from doing the needful and to return back to my former self. But it took discipline to subdue laziness and get back to work. If you find yourself paying less attention to important details as regard to stabilizing your home, I have got you covered with fourteen best ways to becoming an organized mom. If you don’t mind you can bookmark this article so you can easily go back and read it over again.

1. Spend time with God: Do you want to simplify your life as a mom? Spend time with God. This has helped me overtime and I’m rest assured the rest of my day is stress-free. Imagine you waking up in the morning without saying your morning devotion or meditating on the Word of God, how would life be for you? You will certainly miss some vital opportunities and end up being frustrated. Put God first so the rest of your day can be hassle-free. Stay-at-home mom is real business and God wants to be involved in this affair so you can be happy and successful. Therefore, set aside that precious time with God and see how rewarding it will be for you.

2. Create a morning routine: Note down your activities for the day. Start with the less interesting or boring routine so that you don’t wear out your energy on the ones you find easy to do. In my case, I dislike washing clothes. I used to pile up clothes for weeks and instead of me to use my energy on laundry I end it up on simple chores that is less time consuming. You too can save your energy on those things you find difficult to do. All it takes is for you to discipline yourself and do it in order to avoid accumulated chores hence, making it difficult to attend to later.

3. Time yourself: Supposing you are to work as an employee and you have been given a task to do at a specified time, that is how you should do the same as a stay-at-home mom. Time each task you have planned and prepared to do and try finishing it up on time. You will do this with all diligence as if you are being paid for it. And of course, who says being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t require a pay roll? You deserve it and it’s going to come as a reward.

4. Work when you’re energized: Of course, you will need a lot of energy to do the needful things. You don’t want to do things sluggishly or leaving them half done. You want to make sure you tidy up your work and then smile at a job well done. Ensure you have more energy and when necessary, eat and hydrate well to keep you going without having a health break down.

5. Plan your budget: When you plan your budget once in a while or as it befits you, it shows that you are more intentional about the welfare and wellbeing of your family. It is very important to plan your budget for whatever aim you want to achieve. Medical bills, food and groceries bills, clothing and toiletries bills and so on should be given adequate attention. There should be a reserve for the above mentioned in order to sustain your family.

6. Plan shopping ahead: You don’t want to be taken unaware that certain things are needed at a particular time. You don’t want to hear that your kitchen has run out of food stuff and there is nothing to prepare for meal for your family. So, which means everyone will have to go hungry? Not at all. This is why you must plan shopping ahead of time. Get in your kitchen and check what is about to finish so you can re-stock on time. Check your fridge and other places where you need to re-stock items that you and your family will need.

7. Use a to-do list: This has been very helpful to me as my memory has deteriorated since I became a mom. It will amaze you at how you will think of doing something later without listing it down only to realize you forget to do it at a specified time. However, don’t trust your brain anymore to do the storing up of to-do list. Write them down instead and place them where you can easily see them for reminder. Isn’t this worth making your job easy?

8. Make a meal plan: Creating a meal plan gives you an ideal of what your family should eat from time to time to ensure a healthy balance diet. Meal plan gives you an ideal of an organized and quality food that you and your family need so as not to give room for nutrient deficiency. Best of it all, meal plan makes your cooking plan easy.

9. Prepare dinner on time: It is possible you don’t remember to prepare dinner when you are supposed to. Less prioritized activities like making use of internet, reading, watching movies or having a nice time with your friends can withdraw your attention from preparing dinner on time. It doesn’t cost you anything to temporarily shut down whatever you are doing at the moment and face the kitchen to get dinner. You wouldn’t want your entire family to go so hungry which you’re aware of but have decided not to care about it. Remember, family comes first.

10. Carve out some “Me” time: You need this always and you should know you are first human before becoming a mom. You can’t afford to work round the clock so you need to have the best of your “Me” time to rejuvenate. You must set a boundary for yourself so that you can stay and remain healthy all the time. And in case you don’t know, having a unique time for yourself can help you not to fall ill.

11. Never go to bed without finishing your routine: This may not go down well with you but have it in mind is all up to you if you can. The last thing I try to finish before going to bed is washing the dish. I don’t always feel compelled to but there is a reason I have to do them. I do so to keep insect and mosquitoes at bay. I don’t always use insecticide because I know the easiest way to attract insect is by crowding your kitchen sink with dirty dish. I don’t wait for them to accumulate.

I wash as soon as we are done with our meal. It used to be challenging washing dish in the morning so I prefer to get them done at night. I also make sure I dispose the bin every evening. But for you mom, if you can’t cope with this option you can leave it for the next day. Before you decide on wanting to leave the dish over the next day, think about making it a habit to wash them at night so you don’t have accumulated dish the next day.

12. Get plenty of sleep: After when you’re done for the day, what next? It’s time to sleep. I don’t know the time you sleep but ensure you get at least eight hours of your night sleep to keep your brain and your entire body system more healthy and active. If possible you can make do with nap time as well.

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