12 Therapeutic Benefits Of Hugging Your Kids

Unarguably, hugging enhances a healthy brain in kids hence, enabling them to be outstanding in their academic learning and social activities.

Without doubts, hugging makes us feel good and happy. It is a way of expressing love, care and deep appreciation for each other. It feels great to be hugged and it remind us that we are loved and appreciated for who we are. I love to be hugged and so is everyone else, including you reading this. How much more will our children benefit from the therapy to hugging? So much more!

Hugging is so important in your child’s development and you owe them this, mama! A fifteen second of a bear hug with your child can do a lot of transformation throughout out the day or more.

However, let’s look at the more benefits of hugging your child and the impact it leaves them with…

1. Hugs Helps Kids Grow Smarter: Unarguably, hugging enhances a healthy brain in kids hence, enabling them to be outstanding in their academic learning and social activities. Just imagine what it will feel like to your child when you offer a warmth hug to them. Your child will feel blessed to have a caring mom like you. Even if your child is brilliant and do well at school or wherever he or she finds themselves, still give them a loving hug so they can do more better among their equals.

2. Hugs Helps Kids Recover From An Illness: Whenever your beloved child are feeling unwell, don’t panic so as not to worsen the symptoms of the illness. A simple but warmth hug will do the miraculous and before you know it, healing begins to take place. I’m not asking you to forfeit medical care to your child when there is need for it. I’m offering an additional remedy you should offer to your child for a quick recovery.

Many times I have encountered the healing benefits of hugging children even before I had mine. I lived with my aunt with three children now. I only had the opportunity to stay with her when she had just one child. Her baby was in crèche while I was in school at that period. My aunt and her husband usually go to work so they had to enroll their daughter in a neighbourhood school for creche.

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Whenever, my little cousin fell ill, I would sacrifice to stay home with her at the expense of missing lectures from school. It was supposed to be the mother’s duty to do so but considering it would put her job at risk, I just had to help out. You know, not every employer will tolerate your absence from work for whatever reasons. Some employers don’t care about you but about the fact your consistent presence keeps the company up and doing. I’m sure you can resonate.

My presence was quite helpful to my little cousin. I would hug her as many times as I could. This process made her feel loved and safe and within a few days, she did bounce back to health. Every other time she was sick, I would repeat the same procedure until she got better. My aunt became suspicious of this amazing therapy and thought it was a gift God gave me. I appreciated it with a humble heart.

I believe every potential mom has the same gift as mine if you consciously embrace it with gratitude. Go ahead and give your child a hug when they are sick and expect a quick recovery. Remember not to panic because when your child feels it, it may worsen the symptoms of the illness. Just keep calm and do your motherly job.

3. Hugs Kills Boredom: When you are about to leave for work or probably you are about to drop off your kids at school, give them a hug and make them feel they are not lonely. Leave a pictorial message that your presence still remains with them even after leaving them at the school premises. Your child need an assurance that he has someone that keeps him company all the time. From my perspective, I suggest you embrace giving your kids a bear hug a lifestyle. Always remember to do this all the time.

4. Hugs Bonds Both Parent And Child: No one gives a child the best hug than you do as a mom. Isn’t it? No matter how much hugs your child receives from any other person, if there is none coming from you, you make your child feel as though he or she is not dearly to you. This situation can affect your relationship with your child on the long run. Let your child know how important they are in your life by offering them a motherly love all the time.

5. Hugs Helps Your Kids Open Up Easily: One of the best ways to get your kids to express themselves easily is through hugging. When something is not right, kids tends to reason as to whether they should let you know about something bothering them or not. So many thoughts run through their mind and if you are the kind of parent who normally pay less attention or you are always harsh to your kids, you lose the chances of knowing what’s happening on their within. The kids have no choice than to keep it to themselves. On the other hand, you create this sense of insecurity, fear and uncertainty in your kids.

For you to let your kids find it easy to trust you, give them a hug. Whether you are in the mood or not, give them a hug to prove that they are welcome at any time just in case they have something to share with you. That being said, you are sure your kids will undoubtedly hide nothing from you.

6. Hugs Teaches Kids To Develop Empathy: Hugging allows you and your child to be completely present in the moment. You connect with how both of you are feeling on an emotional level. So, with this exchange of energy through hugging, it teaches your child the value of empathy and the importance of showing it. This happens as he/she develops an understanding of how you or others might be feeling.

In addition, hugging also teaches your child that love is a two-way thing and that he/she can show love to others. In short, a hug is a powerful lesson itself to show your children what it means to love.

7. It Reduces Anxiety/Depression: When your child feels anxious or depressed, the surest way to calm them is to give them a peaceful hug. They might have been bullied at school or might be under peer pressure that you need to figure out as early as possible. You can tell when something is not right by observing your kid’s behaviour even though he or she does not seem to disclose what the issue is all about.

However, to figure out what’s wrong, show empathy by giving them a sweet hug with a whisper in their ear that everything is going to be alright if only they will open up to you and that you are keen to offer help to them at the moment.

8. It Helps Kids To Be More Closer To You: As a mom, you are the best person in your child’s life. You don’t want any other person to take the place of your motherly love and care towards your child, you have to ensure you give it all it takes to woo his or her heart.

How does lovers operates in their relationship? They find each other as the best person to share their feelings, emotions and the likes. So also does a child who is more closer to his mom. Please, let your child’s closeness to you not look as though you are over pampering him or her. There is a place for discipline when a child does something wrong. It does not stop the child from being closer to you in any way.

9. Hugging Improves Your Child’s Self-confidence: Imagine there is a competition your child is about participating in and he or she begins to feel less confident about the challenge. Maybe, there is this phobia your kid has for stage competition and feels he or she might not make it successfully. A bear hug for a few seconds will neutralise the fear and at the same time impart the spirit of courage in him or her.

Sometimes, it might not really have to be a competition before you can give your child a courageous hug. However way it goes, your child deserves a hug to boost his or her self-confidence all the time.

10: It Improves A Healthy Mental Growth: A healthy hug is food for mental growth which stimulates quick and healthy growth in your child. Don’t always depend on consumable food alone to help your child grow well, physically. Add friendly hugs to your child’s daily diet and watch them grow on both emotional and psychological levels.

Through hugging, you nurture your child’s development towards having a healthy mind and thoughts. Your child will be able to make good decisions, think positive and be slow to anger.

11. It Creates A Beautiful Memory: Every child wants to be hugged when mama is about leaving home for work or for any other purpose. Exchanging hugs with your kids will create a memorable moment with them. Of course, they will miss you and that is why you should always give them a hug before leaving so they can hold on to this memory to make the rest of their day beautiful.

12. It Makes Both Parent And Child Happy: When you are overcome with the feeling of anger or loneliness, a simple hug can naturally work wonders on your mood by boosting the serotonin levels immediately. Don’t deprive yourself and your child a hug whenever things are not going well in your life. Hugging helps lift each other’s spirit and it gives you the awesome feeling that there is still hope no matter the situation of your life.

In conclusion, it is advisable to teach your children not to embrace hugging in the wrong way especially when they perceive an usual approach of a person. This is for security reasons. It’s not any kind of person that should be hugged. Some don’t have a good intention and when your child hugs the wrong person, it might pose a threat or danger to them. Teach your kids about bad touch and good touch which is certainly important. They should pay proper attention to who they are about to hug upon that it doesn’t make the recipient feel awkward or suspicious. They should, after all, know every other way to show their love and excitement.

I hope that this will inspire you to spread the love and fill your child’s day with bear hugs after reading this article on therapeutic benefits of hugging your child.

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