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  • Is Pineapple good for pregnant women?

    How Pineapple Affected My Pregnancy

    During my first trimester, I craved fruits a lot and in the process pineapple came to mind. I had to go to the grocery store to get a ripe pineapple, my favourite fruit. I got home, washed, peeled it and ate half of it.

  • How to make picky eater babies eat very well.

    12 Easy Tips for Picky Eaters

    Are you finding it challenging trying to make your children to eat? Have you tried everything you can to make them find meals interesting to no avail? I can imagine how frustrating it can be when after serving meals only for your children to reject them.

  • There is no proven fact that drinking cold water will affect your baby during pregnancy.

    Should You Drink Cold Water During Pregnancy?

    My second pregnancy refused warm water unlike my first pregnancy. The more I tried to drink warm water the more I threw up. During the antenatal classes, the midwives would just be chanting ‘keep drinking warm or cool water… it will help you deliver your baby with ease and so… I had no choice than to adhere to the instruction because I didn’t want to face any risk of delivering my baby.

  • Single Moms. Single Home Parents.

    Let It Go!

    I have heard about some single moms who find it very difficult to cope with parenting single-handedly. The traumatic experience they went through in their past relationship kept hunting them like a nightmare every time.

  • Baby Crying Annoyingly

    Why Can’t My Baby Just Stop Crying?

    Having a baby who fusses a lot can be very stressful and annoying. I had same experience during my son’s time and I tell you it was very frustrating. There was nothing I didn’t do to calm him down that worked. From feeding him well to changing his clothes and diaper from time to time and everything seemed okay. I felt there was something more causing him discomfort and I had to find out and take care of it.

  • The heart of the unborn baby was firstly examined, only to discover it had stopped functioning.

    One Costly Mistake You Should Never Make

    I have been deliberating on whether to keep this to myself but I’m compelled to publicize it so you can learn and avoid this mistake.

    Someone once said that: ‘negligence leads to damage or loss’. You will find this story touching when you read through.

  • New couples planning to have a baby.

    My Thoughts on Preparing for a Baby

    I had been married for barely two months and wanted to fix one or two things before having a baby. My husband and I agreed that we were going to have a blissful honeymoon for one year before then. We were happily married but we weren’t ready for kids anyway. We wanted to do some finishing to our career goals making sure things stabilize because, having and caring for a baby is hard work.

  • Your legacy as a good parent.

    What I Want My Children To Remember About Me

    Bonding with my children from time to time is an important part of my intentional lifestyle. I missed relating with my mom because she never gave me the opportunity to. I didn’t live with her throughout my growing up. At a particular stage of my life I had to be in custodian of her parents. That still didn’t make things 100% better for me.