7 Unique Ways To Look More Beautiful

You should know that makeup are processed with all sort of chemicals which can damage your skin if used heavily.

Every woman want to look beautiful and be admired by people. But I want to let you know that you are beautiful in God’s eyes. That is to say, God loves you the way you are. He is never a person who makes mistake during creation process. He must have thought carefully on how he was going to mold and shape you to come out bold and beautiful. God is a great Potter and we should be grateful for the job perfectly done.

Even without makeup, you look beautiful and can still add to your beautiful in the right way. But there are authentic steps you need to practically take to achieve this goal of which I will be sharing with you. I’m not asking that you focus all your attention on just adding extra to your beauty so you can be a centre of attraction.

It’s good to look good and beautiful but taking it to a level where nothing else matters to you is what makes it an idol. The ultimate purpose of your beauty is not for you to worship it but for you to use it and worship God. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to neglect yourself by dressing poorly or unattractive which you know full well will be a turn off to both God and people.

So, at this moment I will be sharing some simple but long lasting tips to add to and maintain your beauty.

1. Smile: If not always for some certain reasons befitting you, smile most of the times. And if possible smile always. I know of certain people who don’t like the idea of always smiling in order not to be taken for granted. So, they want people to give them the respect they deserve in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

Sometimes, you may not find a good reason to smile depending on a particular situation but don’t go on looking gloomy or carrying a straight face for any of the above reasons. People are attracted to beautiful smiles and you have to create one so you don’t lose a good chance of those nice remarks from them. Not only that. A good smile brings good opportunities and favour to you.

Secondly, don’t have the fear that if you keep smiling it will result to some people wanting to take advantage of you. At least, if they attempt to, you portray your seriousness to remind them not to cross their boundaries. In all, make smiling your lifestyle. That is the ultimate of a true beauty. Incase you have no idea how a good smile will look good on you, look at yourself in the mirror and form a genuine smile from your heart. You will realise how much beautiful you will look if you continue. A smile is the best makeup that draws attraction and admiration from people around you.

2. Live A Godly Lifestyle: Sure! The way you live can either add to your beauty or fade it. I want you to believe that there is a glory that God gave to each and everyone of us and His purpose for this is to serve Him with it. When you live a life that is well pleasing to God, there is no doubt that an extraordinary beauty will be added to you. It’s a secret that only belongs to God and wants to share it with those that shows reverence to Him.

Now, the big question you should ask yourself is, what am I not doing right to please God? Am I backsliding from Him and giving more attention to the things of the world? To be honest with you, following God’s way and pleasing Him in every way is the surest way to add extraordinary beauty to you.

What kind of lifestyle am I talking about here? Build a genuine relationship by acknowledging who God is. Let God be at the centre of your life. Let Him be involved in all areas of your life. Bear in mind that you need Him and that is the only way you can enjoy a lasting peace. And it is as a result of this peace an extraordinary beauty starts to glow both on your inside and outside being.

To be honest with you, following God's way and pleasing Him in every way is the surest way to add extraordinary beauty to you. Click To Tweet

3. Avoid Heavy Make-up: I can understand that you want to look extra beautiful and that may be the reason to wanting to add some touch of your makeup. But you should know that makeup are processed with all sort of chemicals which can damage your skin if used heavily.

However, you don’t want to lose that youthful look then you have to use your make up in a more lighter way. I have the impression that whenever one uses makeup, it enhances beauty but when they choose not to wear those makeup they feel as though they have lost part of that beauty. That is my own perspective about make up. Our women in those days hardly wear makeup and that was why they looked more youthful even in their old age. It’s okay if you are not comfortable without wearing a makeup but make sure you make it simple so your natural beauty doesn’t have to be hidden.

4. Have A Sense of Humour: It doesn’t matter if you weren’t born with a gift of humour, you can cultivate the habit of bringing laughter on people’s faces. Try to crack other people’s ribs and make them happy. Spice up some good and healthy jokes that when people hear them they can’t help it but laugh happily. By so doing, you are adding beauty to their souls as well as yours. Remember, it is not just your physical status that needs to be beautiful. Your soul too needs it. Don’t be shy. You can think of various ways to amuse people so that at the end of the day you must have achieved a touch of beauty for the day.

5. Eat Right: How does eating affects your beauty status? It sure does either positively or negatively. And how you eat matters too. If you eat emotionally, you will eventually fall a victim of being unhappy and unhealthy. In spite the fact that food is good for the body, you are expected to eat cheerfully. Also, ensure you watch what you eat. The best way to maintain a healthy beauty is to cook for yourself. Don’t always eat out. Cut down junk food and focus more on homemade food. You stand a better chance of glowing the more.

6. Hydrate Often: Just like when a plant needs to be nourished by watering it always so also is your skin when you hydrate often. As a matter of fact, water makes you glow as it delivers essential nutrients to your skin cells and keeps your skin replenished.

A number of people find it challenging to stick to drinking at least twelve glasses or two litres of water per day. They mostly overlook the essence of drinking enough water and choose to replace it with carbonated drinks, juice or alcohol. However way you see it, you can’t replace water. You want to have that glowing skin? Think water! Drink more water everyday. Don’t wait till you are thirsty before finding it fit to drink water. Your whole being need water so you have to make it your lifestyle.

One reason why a number of people fall ill is because their health has been severely deprived of water. Instead, they go for can drinks and juice which is not enough to supply all the nutrients their body needs. The ideal to a more beautiful health inwardly and outwardly is by drinking enough water.

7. Exercise: You may have thought exercise is not necessary to you because you are physically fit. But I tell you something, bodily exercise is for every purpose. Whether you want to burn out some calories or you want to maintain your body shape, exercise is the right choice. How about adding beauty to your list? Give exercise a try.

You don’t need to join a gym or get any expensive equipment for this routine to be carried out. You can start any day by walking within your neighbourhood, climbing the stairs, skipping, dancing to name a few. Whichever ones you find easy and convenient for you, just start. Exercise tones your muscles and skin hence, adding more beauty and glow to you.

Wow! I have just showed you seven unique ways to looking more beautiful, naturally. Wouldn’t you rather give it a try if you haven’t done so before. And if you have, I’d be happy to know how it benefit you in the comment below.

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Written by Mercy Christian

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