9 Things Not To Worry About As A Breastfeeding Mom

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Mother and Baby

It’s very common among new moms to worry about certain things that pertains to breastfeeding.They worry about little things that should not be considered worth worrying at all. But what could they do since it is their first time experience of becoming a mom? Breastfeeding is mostly seen as hard work especially if you’re a first time mom.

You have no idea of what you will experience and how it will affect your life. So many things will happen around you with so many thoughts running through your mind. If care is not taken, you may fall for any kind of advice and end up getting confused and feeling guilty.

A friend of mine put to bed late last year. Her baby was not up to a week old when she started to worry about her body shape. I had to let her know that it won’t take magic to get back in shape. It took her nine solid months for her to carry and nurture her baby in the womb and so it’s going to take pretty much time to get back to her desired shape. I have received different complaint lodged by many moms regarding breastfeeding and have done the best I could do to assure them it’s going to get better. I’m glad they found my counsel very insightful and helpful.

I’m pretty concerned that there are many new moms out there who need to get same tips I offered to new moms in my Facebook group: Moms Are Caring®. This is why I have decided to put them up on my blog for a wider reach. Please share this post after reading. Every new mom and moms-to-be will thank you for this. I’m sharing ten things you need not to worry as a breastfeeding mom.

#1. Don’t worry if your baby’s nursing time last for only ten minutes or less.They must have gotten enough nutrients required at that time. Note that, some babies are fast eaters while some prefer to take their time.

#2. Don’t worry if your baby sleeps at a stretch when you know it’s time to nurse. Let your baby determine when to eat..

#3. Don’t worry if your baby is not gaining enough weight as they should. It is not due to deficiency or whatever you think. Growing up is a gradual process and sometimes you need to be patient to get to a desired stage. On the other hand, your baby may not necessarily need to add more weight if it’s not in their nature. Your major focus is that they eat well every time.

#4. Don’t worry if you aren’t producing enough milk. Just do the needful things by not allowing unnecessary stress to weigh you down. You will need to put your mind and body together at peace in order to attain full focus as a breastfeeding mom. Worrying too much can deplete your milk supply which in turn can affect your baby’s weight and health. Most importantly, don’t skip diet for whatever reason. I don’t expect a full time breastfeeding mom to fast or skip breakfast or lunch. Eat well and do so in a happy mood and watch the amazing result you will get.

#5. Don’t worry that you will lose your precious sleep during the early stage of motherhood. Sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming when you find your sleep being deprived. The sacrifice is all for your baby and you should take note of it. You won’t be deprived of sleep forever. As your little one grow older, everything you have lost begins to fall into places. You will surely recover your sweet and sound sleep again.

Don't worry that your breasts are too small or assume it is the reason for not producing enough milk. Click To Tweet

#6. Don’t worry that your breasts are too small or assume it is the reason for not producing enough milk. The truth is, it is not about the size. It is the amount in there and how well you take care of yourself. If you want to produce more milk, eat and hydrate often. Ensure you’re not going through any level of stress.

#7. Don’t worry about the baby fat on you. You need the fat for the sake of your baby. It’s not ideal you start a sudden gym simply because you want to lose weight at all cost. Do you know that, the more you focus on your baby fat with desperation to shed it the more you remain that way. I’m personally not a slim person in nature. When I had my two kids, I didn’t care if I was fat. I knew my body needed time on its own to re- adjust almost back to its actual size. My ultimate goal was to concentrate on my kids as babies then. My consistency in breastfeeding helped me a lot coupled with peace of mind. And now, I have regained almost my former body shape.

Now, tell me, why should you bother about losing belly fat or even to think of wearing belly belt when there are natural ways to lose it? And the only way however, is through frequent breastfeeding. Why should you worry yourself because your spouse tells you you have lost that shape he used to love and are no longer attractive to him anymore? Probably, you have been body shamed by people you know.

You need not to allow any of these things to bother you because it doesn’t solve any problem. Relax and exhale. And in case you think I don’t understand or because I haven’t been in your shoes, not at all, I understand how frustrating it can be. The truth is you can’t continue to feel bad about yourself. You can’t think of cutting down your diet or counting calories. The good news is, you can still.lose weight without depriving yourself in hunger. Just eat well, hydrate often and breastfeed more frequently. You get the job done!

#8. Don’t worry if your baby is fussy and does not allow you to have a “Me time” it’s not going to continue forever. Your baby needs more of your attention to bond well. Your baby needs you to tell that they are secured and well taken care of. Their being fussy is only for a while and will soon fade even before you realize it.

#9. Don’t worry about your brain playing prank on you. You must have discovered that, ever since you became a mom you no longer remember even the slightest things. You find yourself forgetting some important things you need to do or get. Save your brain the stress and get a To-do-list. Organize your daily routine to simplify motherhood. Never make an attempt on blaming your current situation on your baby. You should know that your number one priority is your baby. I’m not saying you should consume all your time carrying and caring for your baby. Always use a To-do-list to write down every activity you need to pursue on a particular day.

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