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My name is Mercy Christian. Devoted mom of two wonderful and lovely kids: Dominion and Olive. I’m the co-founder of MomLifePost.com. I’m a wife, caring mom, foodie, child care expert and volunteer. Lover of God and humanity. Lifestyle blogging became a big part of my life since I had my second child in April of 2017.

My Childcare Experience

While growing up, I wasn’t privileged to live with my parents because of family separation that began while I was under 3-years old. I was brought up by my grand-parents. When I became a teenager, I had to start living with 3 of my aunties at different phases of my life, while also taking good care of their children before settling down to start my own family.

I was also privileged to volunteer freely in a school by showcasing my passion for childcare in the crèche and nursery wards.

My Failure

After the birth of my first child, I had no knowledge about Child Nutrition which I had craved for a long time. Neither did I had the opportunity to go for a course in that category. This lack of knowledge in this case led to my numerous mistakes on appropriate feeding on my first child.

I regretted the fact that he broke down several times Base on lack of proper nutrition. Not that there was no money to take care of him, but I fell for trending and over processed foods With so much artificial and  unhealthy preservative without knowing some of their side effects.

My Victories

During my second pregnancy, I was ignited to search for an online course on Child Nutrition.  I finally completed it and my joy to showcase my knowledge knew no bound. So i made use of that opportunity to apply my skill on my picky-eater son, while I was still pregnant.

I was also doing myself and my unborn baby more good by eating good food with good source of nutrition. Till the day she was born, the positive effect of what I had been eating reflected on her well-being. She’s so cute and healthy that everyone around her wants to be with her. I kept on giving her good food packed with goodness of nutrition.

My Exposure

My victories has really exposed me wherever I go with my kids. People ask and keep asking what I give my kids that makes them glow so much and so healthy. I am always happy share my strategies with them via this website and my Facebook Group.

My Pains:

If there is one thing I regretted is that, I didn’t realise the right  solution to a healthy start for my first child. If I had discovered and pursue Child Nutrition long ago, I wouldn’t  have followed the wrong side of nurturing him.

In my world, motherhood is an adventure filled with ups and downs and yet rewarding. I’m not perfect but I strive to becoming more intentional and at the same time using my story and lesson to enlighten other moms including you reading this.

Mom life, according to Katie Did What blog, is forever thinking of another human before yourself. It means constantly worrying whether you're doing enough. It means loving beyond what you thought was ever possible.
Mercy Christian (M), Dominion (R) and Olive (L).

Mom life, according to Katie Did What blog, is forever thinking of another human before yourself. It means constantly worrying whether you’re doing enough. It means loving beyond what you thought was ever possible.

After childbirth and christening… that is, when the euphoria and celebrations of the newly born baby slows down, from that moment on… the motherhood journey has already begun. And as you already know, motherhood doesn’t come with a prepared manual. From conception to delivery, every mom’s story is not the same. You learn in the process and get advice from other experienced moms.

So, Who is this site for?

Whether you are new mom or future mom, this blog is for you! You are the reason it was created. There are many things you will learn from this blog.

How about if you are a long time mom? You are not left out. There are still so many things you will learn that you wished you knew earlier. Parenting never sleeps. It’s lifelong.

So, feel free to be part of our community by sharing your stories with us and keeping a close tab on our Mom-life stories, ideas, parenting stuff and so much more!

Let’s share our knowledge, expertise, ideas and important information that will help us all in this unending journey called motherhood.


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