Amazing Benefits of Honey in Pregnant Women

Taking honey when pregnant.
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Are you an expectant mom having a hard time in your early pregnancy days? I know what it feels like during the early trimester. But I have some good news to relieve you of your early pregnancy discomforts– honey!
Honey is said to work wonder in pregnancy and I did like to share its awe-mazing benefits while you are expecting. So, sit tight and keep reading to know all about it!
How Is Honey Beneficial During Pregnancy?
Honey contains an abundance of dietary antioxidants. Take a spoonful of honey and stir in your warm cup of milk or you can mix some honey with just lukewarm lemon water. This remediy cure nausea or stuffy nose. A blend of honey and warm milk is also soothing for heartburn and diarrhoea in pregnancy.
Surprised? But that’s not all what honey does. Honey is also a great remedy for indigestion, cough, cold, and sore throat. Honey is a great remedy to relieve you of morning sickness, whatsoever. It is a must have natural ingredient that should be your kitchen staple during pregnancy.
What Are The Benefits Of Honey In Pregnancy?
1. Rich In Antioxidants: As mentioned earlier, honey is a rich source of dietary antioxidants. Honey has lots of flavonoids. If you get to eat honey regularly, it will keep oxidative stress at bay. Most importantly, honey also aids in the proper development of the baby in your womb.
2. Treats Ulcers & Gastrointestinal Troubles: Honey is known to prevent the growth of the Helicobacter pylori bacteria in the stomach. This bacterium causes ulcers. So, eating honey can shrink its occurrence. Lastly, honey and water are known to boost new tissues.
3. Eases Insomnia: Do you lack sleep most of the time, especially at night? Honey when mixed with milk is the best trick to cure insomnia in pregnancy. Mix one teaspoon of honey in a warm cup of milk and have it before bedtime to sleep like a baby.
4. Pacifies Cough: Honey aids in soothing cough and cold while pregnant than over the counter medications. Honey is a great natural staple to reduce a cough and cold during pregnancy. So, when you are having a hard time with cough and cold, add a spoonful of honey in warm water or probably mix with warm lemon water to soothe that sore throat and enjoy a great relieve.
5. Decreases Allergies: Local honey has pollen in it which makes it beneficial in reducing seasonal allergies. If you do have allergy while pregnant, consume honey daily so as to aid in building immunity in your body. This helps to keep seasonal allergies at bay.
6. Reduces Heartburn & Indigestion: Heartburn and indigestion are common problems in pregnancy, especially during the third trimester. At this stage, it is not advisable to depend on over the counter medications to tackle this issue as their side effects may have a negative impact on you and your baby. More so, a cup of warm milk mixed with honey can ease the discomfort.
7. Heals Burns & Wounds: Aside from other benefits of honey, it is also known as a natural painkiller. In case you sustain injury accidentally in pregnancy, quickly apply honey topically to reduce the pain and heal the wound faster. Honey also aids in preventing scars if wound is still fresh.
How Much Honey Can You Eat Why Pregnant?
It sounds great to consume honey anytime. But it’s better consumed in moderation. A tablespoon of honey has almost 8.6 grams of fructose. Irrespective of the fact that honey is sugar free shouldn’t give you an impression to consume too much of it.
Moreover, the World Health Organisation advised that one should limit intake of free sugars to under 25 grams every day. This guideline is not only applicable to pregnant women but to everyone else.
 Things You Should Never Do With Honey:
1. Avoid adding honey to very hot beverages. It kills its healthy enzymes
2. Do not add honey to foods that are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin D as the minerals present in honey will quash the benefits of these vitamins.
Have you tried honey during your pregnancy?
Would you like to share your experience? I did be delighted to hear from you.
Finally, before starting to use honey, make sure you consult your doctor for professional advice on the best honey to shop for and also if it’s okay to eat it while you’re expecting.

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