Best Ways To Overcome Mind Block As A Mom

Mind block is an inability to recall something or to perform a mental action. It's like a barrier standing in the way of your productive thinking.
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Have you ever felt like you couldn’t think clearly, no matter how hard you tried? Maybe you were in the middle of making an important decision or solving a problem and oops! It looks like there is a barrier standing in your way. That is Mind Block playing its trick on you.

Does this sound like you are the one I’m talking to? Perhaps you don’t have an idea of what Mind Block is.

Mind block is an inability to recall something or to perform a mental action. It’s like a barrier standing in the way of your productive thinking.

Sometimes, you wish you never became a mom and another time you are so proud to be one. It all depend on the circumstances surrounding you. It’s literally not your fault neither your children’s fault. One thing to be aware of is that, motherhood never promises you a stress free journey. You are sure going to have a handful of stress, depression, anxiety and the likes. Sometimes you are going to show lack of empathy towards your children. It’s not like you naturally hate them but because of some distractions that would not permit you to focus well.

In my case sometimes I feel like I should just send my kids, 6 and 3 years respectively out of the house because of the stress they put me through especially in this covid-19 period. The reason is that, I don’t want to lose my mind and do something harmful that may lead to regrets.

Mind block is an inability to recall something or to perform a mental action. It's like a barrier standing in the way of your productive thinking. Click To Tweet

Ever since I became a mom, I find it hard to concentrate on working from home amidst my children’s full time presence. I also find it hard to maintain focus on my chores. It’s as if the ugly side of motherhood is playing its trick on my mind. No matter how hard I try to focus I find myself losing my mind and transferring aggression on my children. That’s awful! But what am I suppose to do? I want to concentrate on a given task with maximum focus. I want to be able to achieve a given task without distractions from my children but it’s as if it’s nearly impossible.

Causes of mind block

1. Self-doubt: When you always feel you are not doing enough, failing to give credit for the little effort you have put in so far is a sign that you are in self-doubt. Does this sound like you are the one I’m talking to? It’s not okay to be overwhelmed by self-doubt. You should know you are not perfect but you are putting in your possible best and that is enough reason to praise yourself.

Self- doubt is not going to do any good or bring you the best result that you aim to achieve. You are going to look at the little things you have done so far that is worth giving a self-credit. Try appreciating yourself for doing a job well done even though it’s not hundred percent perfect the way you expect it to be. The best of you will come out when you praise the little effort you display.

2. Negative thoughts: Unnecessary thoughts can hinder your mental productivity. This burden acts as a barrier to your mental focus. You can’t think straight when negative thoughts occupies your mind. You need to clear those thoughts so that they don’t ruin your day. This brings to mind where the scripture states clearly that whatever you think is what becomes of you—Proverbs 23:7. So, negative thoughts have a way of affecting your activities, life and relationship with people.

You can get through with those negative thoughts by doing something good that will make you happy, surround yourself with happy people who in turn will lift your mood, indulge in outdoor activities, visit exciting places and fill your mind with its richness.

I was once a victim of negative thought. I used to be a loner and a sad person. This affected my life and resulted to so many unpleasant issues. But I found a better way to deal with them and that is exactly what I just shared with you. So, if I can deal with this problem, you too can. Trust me.

3. Insufficient sleep: How do you feel when you get out of bed knowing full well you haven’t gotten enough sleep and it’s like you haven’t gotten enough energy for the day? If you keep depriving yourself of sufficient sleep, you are sure going to reap its result such as: health issues, stress, transfer of aggression. The more you lack enough sleep, you are not going to have a good mental focus. I’m challenging you to give yourself a good treat by getting enough sleep, always.

4. Inconducive environment: The environment you create or live in determines how your mental focus will be influenced. It is not possible to have a sound mind in a poor but inconducive environment. There are two types of inconducive environment I’m talking about…

5. Outer environment: This has to do with where you live in and how it affects your mental productivity. It could be your neighbourhood is a nuisance to you that you can’t withstand or it could be the people you live with always interrupt whenever you want to come up with some creative ideas. The best way to deal with this issue is to excuse yourself from the place and go to a quiet place where you can enjoy a productive thinking.

6. Inner environment: This has to do with your inside. What’s going on your inside? Who is talking to you on your inside and what is that voice saying to you?

7. Poor diet: Study reveals that poor diet play a role in worsening mood disorder, such as anxiety and depression. However, it is very necessary to improve your diet in order to keep mental block at bay.  

 So, how do you overcome this problem?

1. Organise yourself: One of the first thing that will help you achieve a successful task is to prepare yourself- spirit, soul and body. Your whole being has an excellent way of telling you whether you are ready to carry out a given task or not. You have a plan or a project to do and you want to be productive without any disruption? You’ve got to do the right thing by organizing yourself.

2. Listen to your mind: So many things will seek the attention of your mind that if care is not taken or the right decision is not ascertained, you will end up being frustrated at the end of the day. Certain thoughts or the past has a way of playing its tricks on your mind in a subtle way. But you are not going to allow that happen because you are to control your mind and not the other way round.

In order words, to keep mental block at bay, you need to train your mind with good thoughts about yourself, family, friends, place of work and so on. By so doing, you will find it easy come up with productive ideas.

3. Avoid over working yourself: Let me take you to the Genesis of the Bible where after God created and put everything including our first parents in place, He sure rested on the seventh day. If God can consider how important His life is to mankind to the point of resting how much more you that is important?

Inasmuch as we serve a God who never gets tired of working because of His immortality nature, His resting on the seventh day gives you a perfect illustration that you shouldn’t over stretch yourself either. You have so many work to do but your body has a limit per day. Once your body reaches that limit, it begins to slow down and wants you to help it get rest.

The unfinished work can wait till you get the rest you deserve. And you know something? Once you’ve rested enough and want to return back to your duty, it becomes easy to work productively and effectively. So, you are going to listen to your body when it says “stop for now and rest” You will be doing yourself a lot of favour obeying the voice of your body.

4. Sleep well: The number of hours you sleep matters a lot. Do you stay up late at night only to end up sleep just for four hours? That’s not good enough. Insufficient sleep can rob your body’s mechanism of its functionality which can lead to premature ageing, loss of strength, body ache, illness and untimely death. You want to achieve the best productivity in each day? Sleep well.

I personally don’t determine my sleep schedule. When I feel my body is done for the day, I don’t hesitate to sleep at that time. But if you are a nursing mother and getting enough sleep is difficult for you, try getting some help from your spouse, friends or relatives who will care for your baby while you get a sound sleep.

Another thing I want to share with you is that, it’s not a very good idea to determine how long you sleep. You can sleep for as long as you need it and you will know when you’ve had enough.

5. Eat healthy: For your brain, blood circulation and your internal organs to function at its peak, you need to eat healthy. It’s not just about any kind of food you should eat. You should choose healthy food to eat so that you can get all the nutrients your body needs. If you want to have a good mental clarity, increase your diet intake of Omega-3 fish oil, Vitamin B12, Magnesium and Iron.
These food group will boost your mental health and give you the best productive results.

6. Indulge in Deep breathing exercise: Breathing exercise is one of the best ways to release tension and to reduce stress.

Deep breathing exercises are not just for you to get rid of toxins and maintaining a healthy heart. Your brain needs it too because, that is where information is stored in your memory. Deep breathing exercise is simple but one of the things many overlook and see as not necessary. I do engage in this exercise and I tell you it has been very helpful.

Whenever you feel stressed or worked up, just take some few minutes of your time, take a deep breath in and then breath out. Do this slowly and repeatedly for 5 to 10 minutes. At the end of concluding this exercise, you will feel more relaxed and more peaceful.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in this article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a professional healthcare provider if you have any specific health issues.

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