DIY White Rice Cereal For Your Baby

How To Prepare It At Home

How To Prepare Home Made Rice Cereal fro Your Baby

Introducing rice to your baby is very crucial. The recipe is known for its high nutritional value such as:- Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Vitamin D, Thiamine and Riboflavin.

Today, I will be so delighted to share with you on how to make white rice cereal for your baby from the comfort of your home. It’s always important to learn and know how to make homemade cereal by yourself. It shows how much you love and care for your baby and how much you want to see them grow healthy.

Making your own white rice cereal is as easy as A,B,C. In fact, rice cereal is almost every baby’s favourite and I hope your  baby will like it.

So below is how to DIY white rice cereal:

Step one: As a beginner, you will need to start with a small quantity of rice. Measure at least 4-5 milk cups of raw rice and Parboil. I suggest you go for rice that doesn’t get easily sticky and mushy at the end of the cooking process.

After parboiling, cook it with moderate amount of water. Do not add salt. Just let it cook until it’s well cooked but separated (not sticky).

Step two: turn the cooked rice into a large tray and gently spread them so they occupy the tray. If one tray isn’t enough, get another big tray and spread the remaining rice on it. Spreading the rice ensures it dries on time.

Step three: air dry them in your kitchen or any other places that feels comfortable for you but NOT outside to avoid flies or other insects touching them. Also don’t dry under the sun because it will reduce the nutrients of the rice.

Step four: you will begin to notice that the rice at the top are gradually getting dried and at the same time changing colour from white to light brown. So use a wooden spoon or clean hands to gently turn them so the ones under can be at the top to ensure quick drying as well.

Step five: it takes 24 hrs base on this dry season for the rice to completely dry without any trace of water in them. To be double sure of whether the rice is ready for the next process, take one seed of it and bite. You will notice it’s strong like the way raw rice is.

Step six: take the rice to the DRY mill and grind to a very smooth powder form. On the alternate, you can use blender if you have a very good one but it won’t be as smooth as when you use a dry mill.

Step seven: sieve your rice cereal to discard particles. Pour your sieved rice cereal in a plastic container and store in a cool dry place (preferably on top of your fridge)


It takes only 3 minutes to prepare rice cereal for your baby since it has been cooked using the step 1 guide.

Pour half cup of water into a small sauce pan or pot and place on a low heat of your cooker. Before the water starts steaming, add 1-2 tablespoon of rice cereal and gently stir to spread and to avoid bumps. Watch and stir until the cereal incorporate well with water. Since your rice has been cooked before, there is no need of cooking it for more than the 3 minutes required.

Food is super ready!!

Add formula or breast milk to taste and serve your baby.

Instruction: Your baby should be at least six months of age before recommending the recipe.

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