Easy Guide To Get Your Picky To Eat

Force-feeding is hazardous to your child's health and can lead to accidental choking or more to it.
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You have just weaned your baby and are looking forward to introducing solids to her. In readiness and out of excitement you went shopping for the best foods your baby would loved to eat but unfortunately you were disappointed your baby turned them down. And even after trying different other foods, the situation still remained the same. Could it be your baby is not just ready to eat solids or probably she is picky? Well, we are going to figure out what the problem really is and fix it right away.

Actually, you can’t really predict whether your child will be picky. No mother wants her child to be a picky. Handling a picky can be overwhelming but you know what? Don’t fret! It’s just a stage that will phase out soon. How soon? You may ask. Very soon, I assure you.
As for now, It’s in your best interest to know what your child really want so as to make feeding process easy for her. It may take a while to figure the exact thing your child love most but all you need do is don’t give up.

So, you just realised your child is picky, here is what you should know…

1. Refuse To Be Anxious: Frankly, your anxiety has a way of making your child refrain from eating whatever you prepare for her. It’s not easy to keep calm after she has turned down almost all the foods served on different occasion. But you just have to put your anxiety under control so your baby doesn’t sense it and think it to be a red flag “not to eat”. Imagine it that your baby want you to put on a smiling face as a persuasive way to get her to eat. Even if she eat a little, it’s okay for her.

Force-feeding is hazardous to your child's health and can lead to accidental choking or more to it. Click To Tweet

2. Don’t Rush. Feeding your baby should be more than just feeding. Feeding is suppose to be fun like you love yourself. Baby’s wellbeing is important to you and you will do your very best to ensure she get what her body needs. To reverse this picky habit, you will need to feed your baby with care. Take it slowly per time. It doesn’t matter if it will take you thirty minutes or more to get your child to eat, just don’t attempt to rush her to eat. It’s better to be slow to get her eating than to rush the process and end up with lot of mess around the table.

3. Don’t Yell: How does it feel when someone yells at you while eating? You may get choked accidentally and that can be awful. Same goes to little kids. No matter how your child rejects a spoon feed don’t feel the push to yell. Try to remain calm throughout the feeding process even if you will achieve little or no result at the end of the day. Don’t worry!

4. Don’t Force-feed: At times, you may be tempted to force your child to eat but that is not the best option to get her to cooperate. Force-feeding is hazardous to your child’s health and can lead to accidental choking or more to it. Force-feeding is not the best option rather it makes your child refrain from eating, overtime.

Easy Steps To Get Your Picky To Eat…

1. Be Optimistic: This is the number one and assuring guide you should stick to daily no matter the hard times you go through feeding your child at this time. Be positive that some day you won’t have to go through tough times trying to persuade your child to eat. Keep reminding yourself that there will be an improved result to achieve from feeding your child. Secondly, don’t expect your child to empty her plate. Even if she takes in two or three spoonful, for as long as it’s a nutrient dense food, it’s very much okay for her appetite. You can refrigerate the leftover for later feed.

2. Know Your Child’s Intake Capacity: Feeding should not be for feeding purpose. You will need to know how much food your child can be able to take in so as not to over step your limit. You don’t need to wait to see the fullness in her tummy to be satisfied she’s really full. Don’t go against her food intake capacity. Let her eat as much as she can take in and that’s perfectly fine.

3. Be Creative: It’s one thing to cook and prepare a meal for.your loved one. It’s another thing to come up with a creative idea to serve an appealing meal. Your child is probably tired of the same food or its repetitive style which could have been boring to her. So, get your brain busy, think something different and craft a fun appetizing food.

There are many creative styles you can adopt and use to bring out the uniqueness of your child’s food. Some of the creative food pictures are shown below just to have an idea. You don’t need to enrol in any paid tutor before you can turn a pro in food creativity. You can start from somewhere with the little idea you have and craft and turn them into creativity. Also, you don’t need to over crowd your baby’s food with so many ingredients. A simple but creative food will be absolutely perfect.


4. Be Innovative: A time comes when that idea you came up with once and created becomes less fascinating in baby’s eyes. So what do you do next? You think of how to innovate that idea to make it more fascinating and interesting.

When you sense your baby is beginning to lose interest in what you are feeding her, try adding some healthy ingredients or staple that will make the food more yummy and nutritious. Let’s say for instance you usually give your baby oatmeal with milk. You can decide to add some date syrup to improve its taste and baby will get to enjoy it more.

When you give this guide a try, you will realise that your child may not be the picky eater you think. It’s just that you need to figure out what is wrong and make adjustment. But if this guide don’t work well for you and your child, do not worry. She will outgrow the phase but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should starve her all the way. A little portion is okay couple with recommended supplements suitable for her age to provide all the nutrients she will need.

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