Eleven Must Have Virtual Reminders For Your Child

It’s Back To School Time!

Back To School
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Now that school has resumed, it will be nice to have certain things in mind and be practical about it.

For children of age 5 and above, here is what to do each time they are back from school. Create a virtual reminder for their daily routine. This will make your parenting easy. So that you won’t have to be the one doing things you know your children can handle themselves.

Give your children such opportunity to be independent so they won’t make you feel sorry for them in the future. Catch them while they are young not when they have started growing puberty and still expect you as a mother to do everything for them.

👉Expect them to wash their uniform and undies.

👉Expect them to hang their school bag in a better position.

👉Expect them to unpack and clean up their lunch pack.

👉Expect them to relax for a while.

👉Expect them to do their homework

👉Expect them to take a nap if necessary especially if they get home on time.

👉Expect them to put their school shoes in order

👉Expect them to help you with some light chores.

👉Let them watch good TV program for some time.

👉At night, pray with them or let them pray themselves.

👉Maintain early bedtime for them so they wake up early the next day. Insufficient sleep can cause their body system to break down or malfunction.

Remember, there is always time for these things to be done if you create it. Leave no room for excuse.

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