Engaging in Breathing Exercise Prior to Childbirth

Whenever the contraction was coming, I would start breathing in and out slowly until the contraction goes away for a little while.

Madam, I say don’t push. It’s not yet time. The nurse instructed me but it fell on deaf ears. I kept pushing because the urge to was irresistible. I had no choice than to do what I knew best. Little did I know the implication would result to a problem later.

At 4:35pm, my thighs began to feel heavier as if they were going to burst. I didn’t understand what was happening. It was my first experience though and I had no idea of what was happening to me at that moment. I kept screaming in pains all through labour and it didn’t occur to me that my son’s head was somehow stuck in between the birth canal.

While still curious and uncertain, the pains down there became so unbearable that I had to scream with my last strength and threatened to step out of the ward naked🤦‍♂️if the nurses didn’t come to my rescue. How could nurses leave pregnant women in labor alone? I wasn’t the only pregnant woman in the labor ward but I didn’t think it was right for us to be left alone(anything worse could have happened in their long absence) So, I was already naked attempting to step out when the midwives sighted me from their office, ran and held me back.

Could you believe what my ears heard? ‘Madam, please go and lie down. It is not yet time’ I became more angry, pulled their uniforms and started to rain curses on them should anything happen to my baby’

So, the midwives calmed me down and asked me to lie on the bed and open my legs so they could check how much progress my dilation had gone so far. One of them had barely inserted her fingers inside me to check when she let out a scream ‘madam, your baby’s crown is visible and we don’t know how long it’s been like this. Start pushing! No time! Push!!!’

My first push trial was as if I was trying to excrete from my anus. The nurse hitted my leg and said; ‘that is not how to push! Hold your breath and push. It took a few minutes before my baby boy emerged after which I sustained a painful tear for six weeks into my post natal period. I went through depression as a result of the tear. It was so terrible that I couldn’t sit properly.

If I had taken heed to the nurse’s instruction on not to push when it wasn’t time, probably it wouldn’t have resulted to a big tear. But I had this belief that my baby was too big, weighing 3.8kg that could be the cause instead. Well, I can’t really tell. The truth is, I regretted it after all and learnt my lesson.

Prior to my second birthing experience, I had learned and mastered how not to push against the time to. Whenever the contraction was coming, I would start breathing in and out slowly until the contraction goes away for a little while. I repeated this process all through and it helped me to resist the urge to push prematurely. Breathing technique also gave me more energy during transitioning. Merely looking at it, breathing technique helps to reduce labor pain somehow. It also passes oxygen to your baby for more strength.

To every pregnant woman awaiting the arrival of her baby, you can do this. Start engaging in breathing exercise prior to labor. Start by taking it slowly so you don’t hurt yourself. Breath in and hold it for a minute or two and then breath out. Keep doing this as many times as you can. It eases labor and makes birthing comes with ease too.

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Written by Mercy Christian

Wife, Caring Mom, Foodie, Child Care Expert & Volunteer. Devoted mom of two wonderful and lovely kids, Dominion and Olive. Lover of God and Humanity!
Lifestyle blogging became a big part of my life since I had my second child.

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