Fastest Way For A Pregnant Woman to Give Birth

I have always been told that labour is naturally painful and there is no scientific proof of what may have triggered it.

Most women reported that it took longer hours to go through labour before bringing forth. Whilst some confessed that labour took them few hours before finally giving birth. I used to argue with the latter because I never thought it was possible for a first time mom to go through a shorter labour period. I thought it is a must for every first time mom to go through the long hours of labour. Little did I know there was something one could do to shorten the period.

specifically, I have always been told that labour is naturally painful and there is no scientific proof of what may have triggered it. I concur to it, but it’s obvious that every mom has to go through this pains. My first time labour experience came like a stabbing in my lower back at 4 am in the morning. I never thought it was labour so I had to stay awake and watch what happens next. The same pain came back at every fifteen minutes interval, before becoming more frequent. Honestly, the pain was more than just a menstrual pain itself. I had my baby bag packed and was supported by my husband straight to the hospital. And there my journey to the next stage of labour began.

The contraction became stronger and the pains unbearable. At the beginning of every contraction, I held my breathe. I couldn’t actually figure out why that happened. At a point I was confused and frightened at the same time. My heart was skipping fast and I had no idea on what to do next. Each passing time, I had to ask the midwives if it was time to deliver my baby but all I got was ‘you are not yet dilated’. They only encouraged me to endure. No one there told me to try one technique that could have helped made things a bit easier for me. So that was how I had to endure labour for thirteen hours and finally gave birth.

Unfortunately, not every mom could endure the long hours of labour and finally made it alive. That is why most moms prefer having a caesarean section to have their baby with ease. I have a friend who swore never to have a vaginal delivery. The thought of having to go through labour wasn’t something she wanted to experience. Well, your plan of birthing a baby depend on your choice to enable you know what works best for you. It was my decision to experience what labour was like and I got what I longed for. The worst part of it all was that I came out with severe tears on my vaginal area. The result was not just because I had a big baby but because I was having the urge to push during contraction. Meanwhile, it wasn’t time to push because I wasn’t fully dilated.

My second labour experience with my daughter was more intense than the first one. Even at the initial stage it was something else. I couldn’t get up nor stand straight unlike the previous one. I had my husband around to support me all the way to the hospital. I used to think that second time labour was less severe than the first but not until I saw hello and wished it was like the previous one.

It was then I remembered about what I read on breathing technique during labour. I tasked myself to indulge in this exercise and it worked effectively for me. I’m sure it worked for those moms who gave it a try. And I’m sure it’s going to work for you if you are optimistic. This breathing technique is very important and can help reduce certain risk of a prolonged labour.

Benefits of Breathing

Breathing helps eliminate fear in you enabling you to relax your muscles or different part of your body.

• It helps you not to focus on the pains.

• It makes every contraction productive.

• It controls your heart beat.

• It helps you dilate faster.

• It helps you to avoid pushing at the wrong time.

• It gives you more energy to hang on till it’s time to bring forth.

How do I identify contraction during labour before breathing?

Contraction during labour is a pressure that comes in your lower abdomen causing you ache and discomfort, making it difficult for you to move. When this contraction comes, you find the urge to push like you want to excrete. Contraction can force you to hold your breath, hence causing rigidity in your certain position.

However, your breathing should be at a comfortable rate and should not cause you to feel short of breath or light-headed. You can start by breathing slowly when you feel the contraction is coming up and relax for a while when it stops. Most importantly, listen to your body so as to know what breathing pattern works for you.

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