Happy International Left- Handers Day 2019

Left Handers Day

It just got to my notice that today is Happy Left Handers’ Day. I’m not a ‘left hander’ but I’m proud of every one who uses left hand to write. There was a time I wished my son uses left hand to the extent I attempted initiating him to but didn’t work out the way I expected.

That was absolutely foolish of me, I must confess. It all started during his toddler stage. He was used to using left hand to hold or do things a lot. I was so happy that my son was going to be a left hander at last💃.

Lo and behold! He settled with right hand for writing. I love left handy people. I do not in any way hate those that uses right hand. It’s just that I admire left handers and it amazes me how they use them effortlessly.

It all started during his toddler stage. He was used to using left hand to hold or do things a lot. I was so happy that my son was going to be a left hander at last. Click To Tweet

In our society here today, most people still frown at left handers including parents who discourage their children from using their most dominant hand(left hand). And at the end of the day, the children begins to struggle with learning activities and much more. I still don’t get the reason why these people don’t appreciate left handers. For instance, a left hander person may want to buy something and since he or she is more comfortable with the left hand, they offer you money with it and then you hear someone saying ‘use your right hand’

My question now is; is anything wrong with the left? I’m not surprised because the root cause of people rejecting left handers is because of the tradition of the initiated occultist who indulge in diabolical activities. That is why a lot of people find it hard to appreciate left handers. They feel that using a left hand attracts evil or whatever superstitious things they think of. Since then, it has become a norm that nobody should be allowed to used left hand to collect or give things or even use it to write.

Moreover, I am advocating for every left hander. If you are one, you are amazing! If you have a child who used to be comfortable with left hand, please you have work to do to change it back🙏 otherwise it is going to affect that child psychologically. If you are attempting to switch your child’s left to right hand, don’t at all.

Sincerely speaking, before we were born, God has destined for us which hand will be more dominant. You are not the one that created your child. It is God who did. So you and I have no right to change what God has destined for them. There is this prominent scripture that makes me smile each time it crosses my mind. It says; ‘I know the thought I have for you, the thought of good and not of evil, to give you an expected’.

This scripture should serve as a reminder that God is mindful of each and everyone of us. He never think evil of left handers. It is the fault of some ungodly tradition that caused it. So we must appreciate left handers for doing an awesome job. We must welcome them instead of despising them. We must encourage them instead of discouraging them. Left handers are human like every one of us who uses right hand.

To tell you how amazing left handers are, here are the celebrities who use them and they are doing very well. I’m even surprised that the former governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Fashola is one of them.

God did not make a mistake in creating left handers. So let’s wish them a Happy Left Handers Day.

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