How Pineapple Affected My Pregnancy

An awful experience no pregnant woman should have

Is Pineapple good for pregnant women?
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As taught during the antenatal classes, every pregnant woman was advised by the health care provider to eat moderate amount of fruits so as to get all the nutrients required. During my first trimester, I craved fruits a lot and in the process pineapple came to mind. I had to go to the grocery store to get a ripe pineapple, my favourite fruit. I got home, washed, peeled it and ate half of it.

Prior to that time, I read somewhere that eating pineapple during early stage of pregnancy is risky and can cause miscarriage or preterm labour. I thought it was a myth and didn’t bother to believe it. Even if it were to be true, the only problem was that how could I have been able to control my craving for pineapple and totally avoid it? So it wasn’t possible for me to remove this fruit from my diet.

The following day during the early hours of the morning, I started having painful cramps in my lower abdomen and pelvis area. The thought of the pineapple I ate the other day flashed through my mind was suspected to be the cause of the cramps. I became so frightened because I didn’t want anything to happen to my baby. I decided to pray against any negative effect that was about to happen to me at that moment. I also realized that what I read before about the risk of eating pineapple was true. It was then I promised myself never to eat pineapple no matter how bad I craved for it

When I explained the incident to my husband, he advised that I go to the hospital for proper check up, although he wasn’t expecting anything bad to happen. He just wanted me to be checked by my doctor to avoid any further complications.

I remember my doctor asking me to drink a lot of water to neutralize the effect of the pineapple I ate the other day. Well, I don’t know what else could have happened to my unborn baby then if I had not taken action as fast as I could. I’m grateful to God that nothing happened to my unborn baby.

To be honest, I learnt my lesson ever since this incident happened to me and thought to share with you. I wouldn’t want you to experience the same fate as I did except your body system including your pregnancy does not react it. Most importantly, it’s advisable to consult your doctor regarding pineapple before adding it to your diet.

Specifically, I discovered that pineapple contains bromalain, a protein digesting enzyme that can destroy a new or early pregnancy. If you are in your first and second pregnancy, avoid this fruits for a while until you are close to term or have exceed your due date. Research also says that eating pineapple in your later pregnancy can trigger labour. Funnily enough, some health care practitioners are not yet certain if eating pineapple in your final trimester triggers labour.

What were the results when you took pineapple during pregnancy?

Caution: Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor about adding pineapple to your diet.

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