Instead of Spanking Your Child, Do This

Sometimes, we parents spank our children because we are stressed out and frustrated.

Spanking your kids: Is it good or bad?
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Spanking is one of the most divisive issues when it comes to parenting. Sometimes, we parents spank our children because we are stressed out and frustrated. By so doing, we punish our children for our own frustrations and end up feeling guilty for doing so.

There were times I spanked my son for one reason or the other, most especially, during his homework. I thought it was discipline, not knowing it was torture that would have led to emotional damage. Even though I forced him to write his homework, he would be still like ‘what am I supposed to write? I’m scared’.

So I thought to myself in guilt ‘am I doing the right thing by spanking him?’ The answer is No! Because the more I did, the more he probably will repeat same thing again or getting confused over time.

Most researchers and experts agreed that spanking can be harmful to our kids, and would negatively impact their behaviour as they grow older. So for parents who still spank their kids, I persuade you, it’s time to have a  rethink as I share with you the best alternative form of discipline.

I know it’s hard to refrain from spanking your child for whatever reason; but instead, why not try doing these three tricks below.

1. Give them consequences:  Consequences help your child understand that doing the wrong thing and breaking the  rules can benefit bad results. Give them consequences by depriving them of what they like. One of the examples could be  “you won’t get your favourite snacks’ or ‘you won’t play with your toys today” are one of the best way to discipline them. In this way, let them learn that they need to follow the rules and be good. It’s a better alternative to spanking since it doesn’t involve any physical harm, but instead, withholds their privileges.

2. Be consistent: it pays to be consistent when you refrain yourself from spanking your child. It’s not that easy but it’s worth trying on a daily basis. Sometimes children can be very funny by doing something awkward. But consistently giving them consequences if they misbehave constantly helps them to learn that they won’t get away with doing the wrong thing.

3. Praise and rewards: Yes! It is as important as praising and rewarding your child when doing what is right. They deserve it. I don’t mean you should over pamper them. But simple compliment with a little reward goes a long way to showing them how much you appreciate them. It will also encourage them to keep doing the right thing at all times, even as they grow older.

Sincerely, you need to understand that spanking doesn’t always teach your child discipline. I used this technique and it worked, and it’s  still working. I implore you dear parents to have a rethink and practically follow the above useful method before spanking your child, and they will be better for it.



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