Money Saving Tips for Moms – A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

I had to start all over as a teen. Saving money became a lifestyle to me until I became a mom.

During my childhood, I used to save money on a daily basis and that’s whenever my grand dad (of blessed memory) gives me pocket money. When he was alive, he taught me how to take savings serious for future reasons. He also told me that, a time will come when I will begin to take absolute responsibility for myself. At age six, I didn’t really understood all that he told me about saving money. I just had to adhere to his advice. So, my grand dad bought me a very nice saving box.

The box was so beautiful and appealing that I started to save right from that moment. The box came with a key lock but had to be in the care of my grand dad for a specific period of time. I started saving every penny that my hands touched. When my money grew to a particular level,. grand dad opened a savings account for me as a minor. Unfortunately, he passed on in 2004 and I had no control over my savings anymore. I had no idea of which bank he opened a savings for me. I was naive and didn’t know how to get my savings back. If I had known, I could have gotten details regarding which bank my money was being saved long before he passed on.

I had to start all over as a teen. Saving money became a lifestyle to me until I became a mom. I began to find it difficult to save as a mom. I would say my family was the reason I couldn’t sustain my savings anymore, but I know that’s no excuse. I ended up spending more and having more increased expenses on a daily basis.

I found myself completely depending on my husband for even the less affordable things that I should have thought of using my own money to purchase. I didn’t like the idea that I was always depending on my husband’s income. I felt the burden was too much for my him even though he never complained. So, I thought of a better strategy to start home savings again.

Every week, my husband would give me some money to buy some household items and it was from there, I took up the opportunity to revive my savings again. I have been able to achieve what I desired at heart with my savings and… I’d be glad to share three vital tips that has helped me so far.

Tip #1: Try saving some money from your business, food and groceries budget, cash gift and so on. Get a saving box with a lock and hide the key far from your reach where you won’t be tempted to open the safe box with it. This tip might be old school, but it still works!

Tip #2: Get a trustworthy and a transparent thrift and saving contributors and save every little penny that drops in your hands. No amount is too small. Just discipline yourself and save something maybe everyday, twice in a week or depending on what days you decide to save. But try as much as possible to be consistent as if you are on a serious target.

Tip #3: If you don’t find Tips (1) and (2) considerable, open a savings account and start saving money. Just put your money in there and let it grow in the long run. It’s advisable to opt for a fixed savings account that have restrictions on regular withdrawals. It’s not like you will never be able to withdraw your money, this tip is geared towards making you disciplined in your spending and helping you to think creatively on how to make money from other sources. Talking about paying yourself first — a principle Robert T. Kiyosaki shared in his Rich Dad book series.

Now, before you strategize on these goals, make sure you have a plan for saving money.  There should be a clear reason why you want to save. An example can be to pay your children’s school fees for the next session, go on that dream trip, future investments, business or any other plans best known to you that you wish to achieve in the near future. You may even decide on saving to donate to your favourite charity or setting up a non-profit about something you feel you are born to do for the betterment of humanity, and the list goes on and on!

At the initial stage, your savings might be a drop in the ocean -- not amounting to much, but with time, it will increase -- and before you know it, you have saved up a substantial amount to do something meaningful. Click To Tweet

Best of all, try to save something even if it’s little. For as long as it’s a currency, it’s something worth saving. Don’t say what you have now is not worth saving or not enough. Yes… it is! At the initial stage, your savings might be a drop in the ocean — not amounting to much, but with time, it will increase — and before you know it, you have saved up a substantial amount to do something meaningful.

One crucial thing you should bear in mind is that, you try as much as possible to reduce your spending on things that are not really important. Cut every form of frivolous spending and try to control your desires as much as possible. You can always get those things later when the time is right. Also, try to cut cost or negotiate prices of things moderately, if possible. (This is when your hubby gives you money to buy some goodies). So take advantage of this opportunity as you know money can develop invisible wings to fly out of your wallet without you knowing it.

All these I have shared with you is part of a personal development and a smart step to becoming a mompreneur and attaining your desired goal. This experience has helped me so far so good and that is why I cannot conceal this knowledge from you. I want you not just to be bored eating part of what you should be saving now for future reasons.

And hey momma, don’t say it’s not going to be possible because, what you say is what you get. The universe is listening and will pick up whatever you say and make it a reality to you. So, be word conscious. Encourage yourself that you can give your personal savings a try and see how it will be of great deal to you.

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