My First Childbirth Experience

For every contraction, I was holding my breath and trying to push when it was not time to.

I had a very smooth pregnancy with my first child- Dominion, even though I wasn’t prepared for it as at that time. In fact, I had no idea that I was pregnant during the early stage. The only thing that made me to realize was when I missed my monthly period. Even at that, I wasn’t convinced until I went for a pregnancy test and was confirmed positive.

All through the trimester, I never had any issue or complaints regarding my pregnancy. I was super energized and very flexible. I could dance with ease not minding I was pregnant. I could take a long walk forgetting I was carrying a baby. I could work with ease and not feel the weight of my bump that much. My first pregnancy was such a peaceful one until labour struck.

It was exactly my due date and at 4am in the morning, I felt a sharp stabbing pain at my lower back. Remembering what the doctor told me prior to labour, I was to observe if the labour became consistent for an hour before heading to the hospital. So, there was no need to leave the house until I was certain it was real labour.

Labour became more frequent for an hour. I was accompanied by my husband to the hospital. My cervix was checked for dilation but no sign that I was dilating. The doctor almost sent me back home but I made him to reason it could be risky. So, I was later admitted and taken to the labour ward.

The awful journey of labour lasted for thirteen hours plus. For every contraction, I was holding my breath and trying to push when it was not time to. I had no idea on any breathing technique to help relieve me a bit. I want to assume the wrong pushing led to a third degree tear during delivery. My baby came out at last but I ended up with serious tear. It took about thirty minutes to stitch me and the aftermath effect was hell. For over a month, I could not sit properly because of the pains down there. I went through chronic postpartum depression that I almost hurt my baby. I’m glad that I was well taken care of by my spouse and some family members.

The most important thing that can ever happen to any woman is the uniqueness of birth. I believe we are created to birth lives. Not every woman will have a smooth pregnancy like I did with my first. I should have shared my second birth experience with you which was a complicated one but I chose to share my first birth experience. I used to fear the fact that it was going to take a lifetime giving birth to my first child. Thirteen hours long labour forced me to call on God for strength. I couldn’t afford to take any chances. Labour is not something anyone can perfectly explain. God knows what triggers labour and when exactly a baby should be born. When you are in labour, nothing matters to you not even your environment. All that matters is that you carry your long awaited baby.

In case, you are an expectant mom, it is my prayer that you hear the cry of your baby just like I did.

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Written by Mercy Christian

Wife, Caring Mom, Foodie, Child Care Expert & Volunteer. Devoted mom of two wonderful and lovely kids, Dominion and Olive. Lover of God and Humanity!
Lifestyle blogging became a big part of my life since I had my second child.

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