One Costly Mistake You Should Never Make

I have been deliberating on whether to keep this to myself but I’m compelled to publicize it so you can learn and avoid this mistake

The heart of the unborn baby was firstly examined, only to discover it had stopped functioning.

I have been deliberating on whether to keep this to myself but I’m compelled to publicize it so you can learn and avoid this mistake.

Someone once said that: ‘negligence leads to damage or loss’. You will find this story touching when you read through.

A woman was examined by her Obstetrician on a normal prenatal routine, and was told she would have to deliver her baby through caesarean section due to some medical professional reasons. One of those reasons were that her baby was too big to pass through the vaginal. So she had to give birth through caesarean section. Unfortunately, all her doctor’s medical instructions fell on deaf ears.

On the appointed day that she was supposed to visit the hospital where she registered, she failed to show up as expected. Instead she registered in another hospital as an alternative option without her husband’s prior knowledge. Upon her arrival, she explained to the said doctor that her Obstetrician from the other hospital told her that she was going to have her baby through caesarean section but she refused. She further explained that she wanted a normal delivery.

Unfortunately, the outcome of it turned out to be the most regretful one to the soon to be mom. The doctor convinced the woman that she would have a normal delivery. He assured the expectant mom that he would do his possible best. But how could it be possible when he didn’t have any of her medical history neither had he done a check on her to determine her delivery status.

Anyway, the woman carried on with her intention, made some payment to hospital cashier after which she was then taken to the theatre and that was the beginning of her tragedy.

The doctor accompanied by the nurses who attended to her at that moment did some terrible things to her. They mishandled her private part severely just to try forcing the baby out of her womb to no avail. Only God knew whatever damage they further did to her yet to arrive baby.

When the woman saw that there was no improvement in all their efforts, she called the attention of her husband, told him what happened and where she was at the moment, because she was in an excruciating pains and between life and death.

Within a short period of time, her husband arrived and rushed her to the previous hospital and had to explain what happened to the doctor which got him totally upset. Without wasting much time, he had to make an emergency move to see what he could do to save both mother and baby.

The heart of the unborn baby was firstly examined, only to discover it had stopped functioning. He then quickly carried out an operation to bring out the baby and see if he could resuscitate the it but then, it was too late.

The most hurting part of it was that her baby’s head and neck was severely tampered with due to the negligence of the second hospital. The unprofessional medical team had forcefully inserted their hands into the woman’s private part and try forcing the baby’s head.
Had this woman listened and followed her Obstetrician’s advice who suggested specifically a caesarean section, her baby wouldn’t have met its untimely death.

I don’t know how long it must have taken that woman to conceive but all I know is that she must have gone through a lot of stress and aches throughout her pregnancy.

I remembered how she groaned in pains and regrets in her Obstetrician’s office, over her loss while receiving so much blames and insult from her husband for making a very costly mistake.

Lesson you should learn from this story…

Always listen and take heed to your Obstetrician’s advice regarding your pregnancy, more especially when you are being treated with care from the beginning without any issues.

Try not to focus on the finance aspect in case you are being told to deliver your baby through caesarean section. All that matters are for you to have your baby alive and well.

Furthermore, caesarean section is a valid means of childbirth. It’s not every mom that will give birth through the vaginal section. There are some women who even prefer caesarean section because they do not want to go through labor pain. Whilst some others feel giving birth through caesarean section involve a lot of money or probably it’s against their custom in the society where they live.

Most importantly, it is not written anywhere in the law that caesarean section is a sin. It is a valid means of child birth. There is a good reason why this medical procedure came into existence and it’s for the good of every woman who cares about her life and that of her baby’s.

Written by Mercy Christian

Wife, Caring Mom, Foodie, Child Care Expert & Volunteer. Devoted mom of two wonderful and lovely kids, Dominion and Olive. Lover of God and Humanity!
Lifestyle blogging became a big part of my life since I had my second child.

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