Prenatal Care: How It Helps Your Baby’s Development

It’s one thing to be pregnant and another thing to have a healthy pregnancy

Prengnant Woman. Prenatal Care

I had an unpleasant experience during my second pregnancy without engaging in early prenatal care.

I took in for my second child some time in 2017. I didn’t know I was pregnant as at then because I had not started seeing signs or pregnancy symptoms. One thing I noticed was that I missed my monthly period and that was it.

In fact, I wasn’t prepared for child number two as at that time for some personal reasons. I had so many responsibilities to handle then. So it was a decision made that no second baby till it was time to.

My husband and I were on a family planning method to prevent unplanned pregnancy for the mean time. Unfortunately, the method failed us and that was how I became pregnant.

Truly! Not all family planning method works the way you expect. Some don’t why some do depending on the body system or otherwise. It all depend on getting the right information on what works best for you.

So it happened that I was pregnant after being confirmed positive. But I had no choice than to accept the pregnancy even though I wasn’t happy with the news. But with my husband’s consistent encouragement to cheer me up, I got over it and moved on. I began to accept my baby in a happy mood. Even though the deed has been done, all that mattered was the baby and my husband and I would do the best we could to make life comfortable for us.

I was suppose to register for prenatal care which I didn’t consider as necessary. My intention was for the pregnancy to advance to the second trimester before registering. I wasn’t on any pregnancy supplement. I was only on diet which I thought was very sufficient for me and my unborn baby. I actually felt because I had given birth before, there was no need of registering for prenatal classes early.

On a fateful day, something bad happened. I started feeling as if something was hanging in my throat. A thought came to my mind that I should drink water to push it down. I did so but the situation was still the same Gradually, the condition worsen and I began to find it difficult to swallow even my saliva. I tried drinking more and more water to subside the pressure in my throat but to no avail. I lost my peace due to the discomfort that I had to call my husband’s attention to rush me to a nearby hospital.

It was later discovered by the doctor who attended to me urgently that I was suffering from indigestion. I had no idea of what caused it until the doctor explained to me that it was as a result of changes in the hormonal system and increased pressure on my tummy that brought about indigestion. I was admitted that very moment and received adequate treatment to stop the pressure in my throat. Because as at that time I was gasping and finding it extremely difficult to breath properly.

Within few hours, I recovered and was about to be discharged, when the doctor told me that indigestion can risk pregnancy if nothing is done to stop it. He further asked if I had registered for prenatal care and I said no. He said ‘Madam do you know the risk of carrying a pregnancy without registering for prenatal care? Even your own life may be at risk?’

I would say the whole of the experience was served as a lesson to me. My foolish assumption on not enrolling for a prenatal care earlier could have led to a more tragedy and I would have regretted it afterwards.

It’s one thing to be pregnant and another thing to have a healthy pregnancy. One of the best way to promote a healthy birth is by getting early and regular prenatal care.

One of the advantages of prenatal care is that it improves the chances of a healthy pregnancy. It also reduce the risk of pregnancy complication and birth deformities. It also help to prevent life threatening issues on time.

According to medical sources; Women without prenatal care are seven times more likely to give birth to premature babies, and five times more likely to have infants who die. It’s too risky carrying a pregnancy without prenatal care.

However,  it is advisable to register for prenatal care as soon as you are pregnant to avoid taking chances. Your well-being and that of your baby’s should be placed in prenatal care. It is not wise to decide on when it will be convenient for you to register because as at that stage, you will be missing out essential things that pertains to fetal development. Nine months pregnancy is a sensitive journey which should not be taken lightly. You will need the help of your health care providers all through the stage of your pregnancy until you come to term of delivery.

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