Re-igniting Your Relationship With God As A Mom

So, you have been commissioned into a new office which is, Ministry Of Motherhood (MOM).

Do you feel you have lost touch with God since you became a mom? Are you concerned about how it all happened and could not figure out why? I was in this situation during the early years of motherhood.

I was very much aware I was heading to this next phase of my life but little did I know it was going to be overwhelming more than I could imagine. Funnily enough, I thought with the childcare skills I had acquired over the years before settling down to start my own family would be much easier to put to use without interrupting my in depth relationship with God.

How wrong I was! Perhaps, You haven’t encountered this situation before but I’m sure it must have happened to a number of moms. Some of them may be your close friends, family or colleagues and they probably do not have any idea of this life changing article on re-igniting their relationship with God. It will be a pleasure you share with them the link to this article and have them thank you for saving them.

It will interest you to know that each life we live comes with a different phase. In other words, that is the way God has programmed it. But we should be more aware that each phase we live has either a positive or negative impact on us. This is because, we live in a world of uncertainty since the fall of Adam and Eve.

We cannot admit we are perfect and have not known any sin since we were born. In one way or the other we must have conformed to the things of the world that didn’t please God. It was never God’s idea in the beginning that we indulge in things that does not make Him happy but the blame points out to the devil who deceived Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit hence, disconnecting their fellowship with God.

Many times, I wished this scenario never happened in the first place. It could have been a different experience. That the deed has been done between the couple does not imply we have lost touch with God forever. There is room for improving a better relationship with God and we must be deliberate about it.

During the time you were not yet a mom, you must have been a devoted person in your spiritual walk with God. You had the opportunity to pray occasionally, had quiet time, worshipped from a deep heart, attended church services, studied and meditated on the scriptures daily. You must have been sold out to God, completely.

Now you’re a mom, things are no longer the way they used to be. Your deep relationship with God has begun to die gradually. You have now with you a bigger responsibility as thought to take care of and cater for- your children.

As a mom who wants the best for her children, always willing to go at any length to ensure maximum care and safety and that is what every intentional mom do. Somehow, you started feeling guilty that you have lost touch with God ever since your children came into your life.

Your prayer life and all the things of God you were devoted to has backslidden. If this is your current situation I want to let you know that God understand every circumstance surrounding your motherly duties. He is not offended that you had to focus less on Him and more on your children. He wants you to know that you have begun a new phase of your life-motherhood but that does not mean He is out of your life. He is still there with you and still hope you re-connect back to Him soon.

One thing you need to know is that, the phase you are in now is part of God’s plan for you. So, you have been commissioned into a new office which is, Ministry Of Motherhood (MOM). Your call duty at this time is to nurture and to uphold your children’s physical and spiritual wellbeing in line with God’s Word.

The Bible says ‘’Cast all your weary to the Lord and He will give you rest.’’ The keyword ‘’weary’’ means anxiety, worry, guilt. It does not matter how long you have withdrawn from your very first love for God, cast your weary to Him and He will give you the rest of mind. The best way to achieve this ‘’rest’’ is to go on your knees in prayer, asking Him to re-ignite your personal relationship with Him.

As you petition this prayer to Him from your heart couple with fueling your mind with His Word, you will begin to discover a unique change in your relationship with God.

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Written by Mercy Christian

Wife, Caring Mom, Foodie, Child Care Expert & Volunteer. Devoted mom of two wonderful and lovely kids, Dominion and Olive. Lover of God and Humanity!
Lifestyle blogging became a big part of my life since I had my second child.

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