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I was booked immediately for a Caesarean section (C-section) so as to save the life of my baby. The surgery was successful. Mother and baby came out alive.”
My Birth Stories

There are on average about 250 babies born every minute around the world – be it by a first time mom — or an old mom. And each birth has a story behind it.

If there is that one event we can’t forget how and when it took place is our birth stories. Every birth story is unique and worth experiencing. Unfortunately, many moms-to-be who haven’t encountered how going through labour and birthing a baby look like are deeply afraid of facing the reality.

Well, it all depend on how you centre your mind on what you don’t wish to experience. But I tell you something, there is nothing to be afraid of. Many moms including me have gone through birthing our children. The truth is, it’s a painful process — getting set to go to the labour room. The good news is, you will joyfully hold your long awaited baby and forget the pains you went through while giving birth.

Are you a soon-to-be mom? What is that you fear most about your first childbirth? I’d be glad you read the stories of two Nigerian moms about their childbirth experience. This in turn will calm your mind and strengthen your faith towards the time you are supposed to deliver your baby.


How I Mastered My Breathing Technique During Labour

I’m a proud teacher and a counsellor. I’d be pleased to share my birth story with you.

I left for work like every normal day. At about 7.45 am, I had the urge to urinate and in an attempt to do so I saw blood. I put a call across to my husband to come pick me up but shouldn’t bring any baby items because I thought I was bleeding and there would be no need for that. My first labour experience was quite different from this particular one. 

On getting to the hospital, I was told I was in labour dilating at 4cm so I wasn’t allowed to go back home.

I got my file and the staff on duty thought that I was joking because at this time there was no physical feeling of labour and she wasn’t aware of the fact I was fast dilating. In her words “Madam, do you mean you are in labour right now?. I laughed and said yes.”

My husband went home to bring my baby’s bag and had to leave in order to get some cash for medical bills.

While in the ward, I saw some women crying in pains as they couldn’t stand the labour and I felt emotional.

Few minutes later, my labour started and was fast progressing as well. I had earlier mastered the pains of labour so it wasn’t new to me. For every contraction, I counted numbers in backward and  took a deep breath thereby releasing all the pains, as soon as it stopped, I would resume having fun like telling stories to my husband who later came back to be with me. I was able to refrain from screaming all through labour because I had mastered how to control the pain by using the breathing technique.

My husband called the nurse and insisted I should be checked again which she reluctantly did. She said she wasn’t supposed to check me until 12pm. To her amazement, she saw that I was fully dilated and it was time to bring forth my baby. I had a successful delivery with no complication whatsoever.

I want to encourage every moms-to-be out there that giving birth is the most unique thing that will ever happen to you. You need not to be afraid when it’s time to give birth. Most importantly, affirm yourself that you are a strong woman and you are going to face what it takes to bring forth another life—your baby.

Philomina, (Mom), Abuja, Nigeria.


My C-section Birth

I took in when my first son was just a year and seven months. When my pregnancy was three months gone, I started spotting blood. At this time there was no money for prenatal care. Things were very hard for us. So, I could not register for prenatal class for financial reasons. I couldn’t afford to go to the hospital when I was spotting.

Sometimes, the blood will stop for a while. It was just fluctuating and I became restless and decided to register for a prenatal care at a very affordable hospital. My registration was done when I was seven month pregnant and by that time the spotting had stopped.

At eight month plus, my blood pressure rose which was not normal. I was given drugs and also was advised to take enough rest to avoid complication. I took heed to my doctor’s advice and my blood pressure became normal before my due date.

On a normal day, I prepared dinner for my family. I had barely sat down on a chair to eat when I heard a knock inside my tummy. Before my eyes, I saw blood rushing out from my vaginal and had to raise alarm to be rushed to the hospital.

The doctor attended to me immediately upon sighting the situation. He examined me and reported it was a placenta eruption and that was how I was booked immediately for a Caesarean section (C-section) so as to save the life of my baby. The surgery was successful. Mother and baby came out alive.”

Iz Ekhosuehi (Mom), Nigeria.


My Cesarean birth experience

I had my first baby in December, 2013 in very stressful delivery.

On 24th of December, as early as 4am, I woke up to pee and found out my water broke, and we rushed to the hospital. The doctors admitted me, thinking I’d have my baby that day.

I didn’t dilate well enough that day and I was asked to go home. So I endured the labour pain from that day 24th to 28th December, by this time I was already begging the doctor to perform a C-section because the pain was unbearable. I was completely stressed because, the nurses kept asking me to climb up and down the stairs, so that I can dilate very well.

Thankfully, God decided to bring that baby out the same day, on the 28th of December after four days of severe pain and all.

I was also stitched without anaesthesia in the guise of ‘strong woman’

The pain was so unbearable and traumatic.

As a new wife who just moved to Lagos, no friends or family around, it was a trying time.

Well for my next baby, I changed hospitals though quite expensive but I was taken care of very well.

Whether C-section or vaginal delivery. They are all good as far as mother and baby are fine.

In those four days, my baby was at risk because they thought I won’t accept to deliver through Caesarean section.

Ihuoma (Mom), Teacher and Skincare Enthusiast (Nigeria).


I was in Labour Without Knowing

My first pregnancy was rather smooth. Upon finding out I was pregnant, I couldn’t sleep that night and read everything from week one to week 40 stages of pregnancy. So you can imagine how prepared I felt I was when it was time.

I had read so much about the contractions and stages preceding the arrival of the baby, that I almost turned a lecturer. 😂

Well, After 40 weeks, I wasn’t getting any sign of contractions, I remember my mum followed me to the hospital and told the nurse, ‘the bible says pregnancy lasts 9 months, now it is over, please bring forth this baby.’ 😂😂😂

They asked us to go home afterwards and return by the end of the next week if no signs. Thankfully and unknowningly, I woke up on a Thursday morning (last time at the hospital was Saturday) about 2am to wee, afterwards I went to bed and continued ‘peeing’, I wondered if I didn’t have control over my bladder anymore. It leaked so much that I wore a sanitary pad after trying to use a towel on the bed as I was feeling sleepy.

I called the doctor and he said by day break we should come over. We got to the hospital and I was told I had started dilating -2cm, by then, i started feeling what was like menstrual pain, that comes and goes. Even after all I read, it didn’t occur to me I was in labour, I only followed instructions in the hospital and was wondering when the ‘contractions’ will come… I read and interpreted that the tummy will squeeze and release itself again… That was my notion about contraction.

Anyways, on my hospital bed, where they were monitoring my progress, hubby sat next to me and we were just gisting, he also told a lot of funny jokes and I laughed really hard. But when the ‘menstral’ pain comes, I take a deep breath and afterwards continue laughing.

In between, the contractions I fell asleep too (same with my second pregnancy) I hear it is not good at all, so the enemy don’t take you away.

Well, when the pain comes, I wake up, then fall asleep again. I also ate, I was so hungry. Doctor allowed soft drink and biscuit and he said I would throw up when baby is almost coming… True, it happened like that (still wonder why), i vomited everything in me, I became exhausted from the pain that was going and coming and was rather becoming frequent and wasn’t giving me so much space again.

I didn’t know baby was almost here. I was standing with legs open and was trying hard not to scream and shout. I was taking deep breaths and channeling energy to anything I could lay my hands on. I also started confessing my sins, and pleading God for mercy.

The pain and feeling is indescribable!

Doctor already told hubby what to look out for, so he quickly dashed out. They (doctor, nurse, hubby) returned and got me to lie on the bed, and then the doctor scream, ‘Stop closing your legs, your baby is almost out, her life is in your hands, so help her live’. I threw my legs really open and by the second push, the most fairest and beautiful came out with a loud cry.

I was totally speechless, numb! How did this happen? All the pain disappeared. That was about 4.20pm.

Motherhood is indeed beautiful.

Ijeoma, Mom and Journalist (Lagos, Nigeria).

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