See What Prayer Did For These Kids No One Thought Was Possible

I have learnt that children's faith should never be underestimated. We parents may see their faith as childish but miracles happens when God perceives it.
Dominion and Freedom

The bond between these two young guys in the picture below never cease to amaze me. It seems they are inseparable but you know kids… that’s how they roll.

Dominion and Freedom met in Nursery One and of course in the same class. One thing led to the other they became close and tight friends. Soon, they started to sit on the same seat so as to remain close to each other. Although, it is the school policy that pupils from their previous grade and classes should be swapped every new session. The reason for this implemented policy is for them to get to know and relate with unfamiliar pupils.

Luckily, Dominion and Freedom found each other in the same class for Nursery two. As usual, they continued their friendly habit of sitting together.

Dominion, my son always talk so much about Freedom that I had to ask him what he likes about him. Hear what he said; Freedom is a good boy and I like him’

With a smile I said “that’s good to know”

On another day, I was eager to see and know Freedom’s mom. I proposed in my mind that we both should get to know each other too and eventually become friends just like Dominion and Freedom already are. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Yes, it would. I want to believe that my son’s friends are my friends too.

Voila! I met Freedom’s mom during pick up time. We exchanged pleasantries and chit-chatted for few minutes before parting ways to our destination. At least, I was glad to have finally met my son’s bestie’s mom.

Nursery two session ended and my son became anxious again that he may not end up being in same new class with Freedom. Every time, he did remind me of Freedom all through the summer vacation. I felt guilty for not knowing where his bosom friend resides. But I hope we did find out soon and pay them a visit.

So, one day out of curiosity, Dominion asked “mom, when I get to Grade One, will Freedom be in my new class?” and I replied “oh…. I can’t tell but I hope so”

Yet, Dominion wasn’t satisfied with my response. He resorted to nagging until I told him that won’t help matters in anyway. Instead I advised him to pray to God about it and that a miracle should happen at that time that. He decided to ask God in prayer without hesitation.

On the 9th of September, 2019, he resumed school and he was so eager to see his friend, Freedom in his new class for Grade one. Dominion was disappointed that his good friend was in a different class. Almost all the faces he saw were new to him. He came back home unhappy and said “mom, Freedom is not in my new class. Please can you talk to the Head Teacher to bring him to my class”

My reply was: “it’s way beyond my power to do so.” I went on to encourage him not to worry that he can always see Freedom during break time and have fun with him. He nodded in agreement but I could still sense he still want Freedom in his class.

A week and two days after resumption, I went to pick Dominion from school and on our way out we met Freedom and his mom leaving the school premises too. I had to open up to Freedom’s mom about how my son misses her son and how I wish they could meet again in the same class. Freedom’s mom not knowing my son’s present class reported that her son has been replaced from Grade one A to Grade one C.

Funnily enough, Freedom’s mom didn’t realise that Dominion is in Grade one C and I didn’t waste time in revealing it to her out of excitement.The kids listening to our discussion were so excited that they hugged each other so tight.

Both parents felt emotional seeing these kids very happy. This caused me to remember how the power of prayer and faith works like hands in gloves. Even though I didn’t see it coming, little did I know that both friends will meet again in the same class as it happened in the previous sessions.

Dominion never gave up in believing that a miracle would happen and it sure did. His undaunted faith even though I perceived it as a childish faith made it happen in reality in just few days of the school resumption.

Today, both friends, Dominion and Freedom met again together in their new class. He came home to share how happy he was to be sharing the same seat and desk with Freedom.

Success to their friendship!

What has this lesson thought me?

I have learnt that children’s faith should never be underestimated. We parents may see their faith as childish but miracles happens when God perceives it.

Children may not know the meaning of faith but once they visualize what they want and back it up with prayers, it is no doubt that the case is settled.

Regardless of whatever situation or challenges they may be facing, encourage them to rely on God in prayers. Great things are bound to happen when they take this step.

Prayer and faith is the key that opens all doors of impossibility.

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Written by Mercy Christian

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