Should You Drink Cold Water During Pregnancy?

There is no proven fact that drinking cold water will affect your baby during pregnancy.

There is no proven fact that drinking cold water will affect your baby during pregnancy. No study has been shown that drinking cold water is harmful to your unborn baby. Some people have this belief that drinking cold water causes Pneumonia which is far from the truth. Pneumonia can be caused by a viral infection not cold drinking water.

My second pregnancy refused warm water unlike my first pregnancy. The more I tried to drink warm water the more I threw up. During the antenatal classes, the midwives would just be chanting ‘keep drinking warm or cool water… it will help you deliver your baby with ease and so… I had no choice than to adhere to the instruction because I didn’t want to face any risk of delivering my baby. But instead I kept throwing up each time I drank water that is not cold. That satisfaction was never there if I didn’t drink cold water. The act of trying to get used to drinking non-cold water became unbearable for me. The effect made me weaker and less active so I decided to give my doctor a call to tell him about how the midwives had warned pregnant women not to drink cold water and how it would affect our babies.

He was taken aback and confessed that he never gave instruction to the midwives to restrict pregnant women from taking cold water. He went on and said I should keep drinking cold water since I was able to tolerate it. When asked if drinking cold water would cause pneumonia or harm the baby, he raised his voice in alarm ‘who said so?’ I waved his question but he insisted to know so as to correct whoever implemented such misconception to pregnant women hence, deriving them from drinking cold water as needed.

Long story cut short, I drank cold water like I had missed it for so long and the moment I did, I was relieved. It didn’t stop my baby girl from kicking or being active even when I was told that the effect would make her inactive. But the midwives were wrong. My baby girl was such an acrobatic athlete inside my tummy till the day of labour. She moved inside me so much that you could visibly see her movement of my tummy through my clothe in a close range.

The truth I have realised about taking cold water during pregnancy is that before it gets to where your baby is, there is a room temperature where the cold water gets warm before it reaches your baby.

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Disclaimer: This Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or healthcare advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your pregnancy.

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