So, Your Child Has Failed? Here’s What To Do!

How To Deal With Your Children's Failure
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The Oxford Dictionary defines failure as lack of success, the neglect or omission of expected or required action, the action or state of not functioning.

There is not any one person on this planet that has never failed. Everyone has encountered failure in one way or the other. Failing at something does not necessarily mean we are a failure. We can only be termed one if we give up trying again. So how much more our children? Let me better clarify in a specific area.

As a parent, do not compare your child’s academic performance with other children. It doesn’t mean your child is a total failure or termed as ‘olodo‘ (a popular saying in Nigeria by the Yoruba speaking tribe) meaning a dullard.

Your child is superbly brilliant if only you can see it clearly. His performance may not appear the way you expect but give them room to fail. Know their weaknesses, difficulties, challenges and persistently encourage them when and where needed. They will bounce back. Stop asking when and how the miracle will happen.

Instruction: Cast your net into the deep ocean just like Jesus commanded Peter during the fishing season and believe. Don’t wait to see physical result before believing. Do the needful and believe.

I keep saying that every child born is unique and intelligent. Every child has his or her different way of learning. It is left for you as a parent to stand by your child and encourage them at all times.

Comparison is a subtle way to suicidal mission. If you keep comparing your child’s performance with that of his peers, remember you are destroying him or her with your own hand.

If not so, think about why many youngsters have taken their own lives. The cause may not only result from comparison but from other unpleasant factors caused and displayed by their parents.

Nobody is perfect not even you. So let your child exhibit his or her imperfection. Let your child fail instead of bribing their teachers with money or gifts just to pass your child. Let your child be natural instead of being fake. It is your responsibility as a parent to groom them accordingly until they begin to make waves.

Above all, pray for your child. Affirm your child. Console your child in the area where he or she is challenged. Support and guide your child. Sooner or later you will see great improvement.

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Written by Mercy Christian

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