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  • How to take care of health after 30

    8 Healthy Living Tips For 30 Plus Women

    Despite your fabulous look, there are subtle changes going on in your body that will impact on the next decade. It’s with a great delight to share healthy guide to what you should do to ensure you retain and maintain your youthfulness throughout your thirties. 1. Eat breakfast: Your metabolism slows down by 2% each […]

  • The label may vary from child to child: autism, ADHD, cognitive delay, diabetes, the list goes on.

    I Just Received My Child’s Diagnosis, Now What??

    If you’re the parent of a special needs child, you’ve been there. I know I’ve been there. Where’s there? You are sitting in the office – could be a doctor, a psychologist, a speech therapist, an endocrinologist, whatever, it’s an office. And you’re sitting there. You have a feeling you know what’s coming, but nobody […]

  • Kids having Bronchitis and how to cure it.

    What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

    There was a time my son had bronchitis which refused to go after a long time. It was more than a normal cough that is not very common in both children and adults. After my observations, I took him to the hospital and some drugs were prescribed to be administered to him. Unfortunately, the cough […]