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  • Breast Feeding

    Truth No One Has Told You About Breast Milk

    To clear your doubts as some of you will not believe what I’m talking about, I did a research myself on whether breast milk go sour if left untouched. I tried it with my kids by skipping breastfeeding them for twenty-four hours apart. I felt my breasts becoming engorged but I wanted to see how a soured breast milk would like before attempting to resume nursing.

  • Baby Refusing Solid Puree

    Why Is My Infant Not Taking Puree?

    A mom contacted me some time ago and stressed that her infant refused all formula she bought for her. She refused puree except solid food prepared for older people or the family. She was afraid that her baby was going to get choked by reason of eating solid food. I told her to relax and allow her to explore what she loves doing but under motherly supervision.