The Heart of a Mom: Loving and Caring

Motherhood is all about love and sacrifice
Mother and daughter enjoying on the bed, holding a heart. IPhoto Credit: University of Texas

I read a story of a mom who had a prolonged labour. When she successfully delivered her baby, she suffered aches all over her body for weeks but her newborn suffered more of what is termed Erb’s Brachial Palsy- a paralysis of the arm caused by injury to the upper group of the arm’s main nerves.

At four day old, the baby had to go through Orthopedic treatment. I can’t imagine the pains a newborn faces when having to relocate his bone to its actual state. The procedure was so painful that the baby cried for two hours.

That reminds me of how Olive had pneumonia at a week old. She was chubby and plumpy that the doctor couldn’t trace a single vein in her skin to give her Intravenous treatment. The journey was horrific as I watched the two doctors working hard to get a vein by punching a needle to her skin just to get a vein but nothing worked. I watched Olive cried helplessly for 45 minutes. At a point the doctors asked me to go wait at the reception if I could not withstand the sight. I told them I could stand it but I would make sure I don’t cry.

Meanwhile, I was crying and praying in my mind at the same time. Olive cried so much that I almost asked the doctors to leave her alone. But considering the risk of not proceeding with the treatment, I had to let them go on to avoid regrets.

After searching for vein from her hands to feet they decided to give it a try on her scalp. The chief doctor had to seek my consent to carry out the procedure which I didn’t hesitate to. After all, what mattered most to me was Olive’s life be saved. So my baby’s hair was scraped on the side with a sterilized razor blade. I could see the beautiful curls roll off her head. It pained me so much to watch her hair been scraped but then I had no choice. I consoled myself that more beautiful hair would grow back.

Finally, the doctors were able to trace enough veins on her scalp and that was how the job was successfully done. Olive began to respond to the treatment from that moment the Intravenous injection was given.

There are so many of Olive’s experiences I would have shared with you but the worst she had encountered was pneumonia. She battled pneumonia so many times on different occasions but God intervened. There were times I asked God why do I have to go through this pain after nine months of carrying her pregnancy. But something prompted me to pray instead of asking questions. I did as instructed and before I knew it pneumonia was gone forever.

The things a mother go through is difficult to explain or understand at times. A mother can do anything just to save her child. It’s worth sacrificing for. But it is also better to commit God into every situation of life we face as a mother.

May our motherhood journey be successful.

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Written by Mercy Christian

Wife, Caring Mom, Foodie, Child Care Expert & Volunteer. Devoted mom of two wonderful and lovely kids, Dominion and Olive. Lover of God and Humanity!
Lifestyle blogging became a big part of my life since I had my second child.

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