Three Habits That Can Affect Your Health As A Mom

Sometimes we go overboard our limit without paying attention to ourselves

Overwhelmed and Stressed Mom

Sometimes we go overboard our limit without paying attention to ourselves. It is however normal for every mom to go through some certain stress levels but on the other hand unfair when we don’t give ourselves a break to rejuvenate.

Naturally, as mothers we tend to become too busy because we want to make sure everything is in order for the family. Yes, that is why mothers go an extra mile. But let’s not forget in a hurry that we are also humans and we deserve self care. We are important to our family as well as to ourselves. We can’t afford to keep giving our best and looking after our families without doing the same to ourselves.

Our health is very crucial and should not be taken lightly for whatever reason. We should consciously bear in mind that our physical being is vulnerable. So whether you are a working class mom, running the household chores, caring for your children and family or whatever tight schedules you do have on a daily basis, take your health very serious. Sincerely, here is what happens when you over work yourself.

1. Over working yourself from time to time makes you age quicker than you think: Have you ever wondered why most women grow older than their spouses even though they are younger in age? The leading cause is nothing more than putting too much pressure on your body. There is a limit your body system has that you should strictly adhere to. Therefore, the remaining duties you wish to take care of should be done so after you have taken some break.

2. When you over work yourself you tend to fall ill easily. It is really possible not to fall ill when you take good care of yourself. But when you fail to care for yourself, you have no choice than to fall ill. So why not take things easy with yourself. There is always another day to finish up with your remaining duties. You may be compelled to take care of some pressing needs at the moment but why not do yourself a favour to relax for a while and return back later.

3. Tasking your brain too much can also have a negative impact on your total well being. Do you think too much? If you do, chances are that you will go through aches and suffer lack of sleep. I was in this situation too. I usually think a lot and the more I did resulted to headache and pin sensation in my head. I got to realise that I had put so much pressure on my brain before putting a stop to it entirely. Thinking too much can do a lot more harm to your well being. Try setting a boundary as to when to think when your brain is relaxed and has the capacity to not against its need to decline for a while.

If you can eliminate these three factors from your lifestyle you are bound to live a more better you. Take note of this: you are as important as your family is. Listen to your body system and do the needful to ensure proper functionality of your well being.

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