What You May Not Know As A New Mom

Your motherhood journey will be smooth if you know what to do

Breast milk: I had longed to hold my baby and latch him on my breast to give him what my body had to offer and that was breast milk.

I thought it was tougher going through the stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy to me was like eternity. The stress and discomfort involved in each stage of my pregnancy was not easy. At a point I wished I could deliver earlier before my due date. I mean… waiting for 40 weeks to elapse before labor strikes is not as easy as you think if you plan becoming a mom.

As your bump grows to make more room for your baby, you go through some discomfort. Although, every pregnancy is different. Some have a smooth pregnancy journey while others will have to go through a lot. But the good news is that you won’t be pregnant forever.

However, if you have been reading books on pregnancy and childbirth, that’s great! Of course, you want to feed your knowledge on the important things that matters to you and wouldn’t want to take any chances. Sincerely, there is more to know and learn before welcoming your baby.

Every mom wants to experience that joy of motherhood. It’s a dream you and I hope see come to pass. But do you have an idea of what awaits you when you finally deliver your baby? In my case, I didn’t realize there was going to be much task to handle as a first time mom.

I was still basking in the euphoria of motherhood when I encountered the following below which changed my life:

No Breast milk: I had longed to hold my baby and latch him on my breast to give him what my body had to offer and that was breast milk. Sadly, enough, my body didn’t produce milk until my son was seven days old. I have had to try every possible mean to produce milk to no avail. It was very distressing and wish I can easily forget this experience for good. I was starving my son without knowing it. I had been told not to interfere breastfeeding with supplementary food and here, my son was starving. He began to have fewer soiled diaper and it still didn’t occur to me that he was dehydrating. I don’t know what could have happened to him if not for a family nurse who came to visit us.

When she found out I wasn’t producing milk, she advised I get some glucose, dilute it in water and feed my son with it so he doesn’t lose his strength. I maintained this routine while still waiting patiently for my breast milk to start flowing. It was on the seventh day in the early hours of the morning I started feeling the heaviness of my breasts. I began to feel wet moisture on my bra I had on. I was amazed on how my breast milk had started flowing and was wasting away. With enthusiasm I carried my sleepy baby and latched him on and there we go! Had I known it was going to take so long for my body to produce milk? What if the nurse had not showed up to offer me a helpful tip to prevent my baby boy from starving?

So in your case, you may not be lucky to see your breast milk for the next few hours. It may take a while but my suggestion is that you don’t starve your baby. Offer supplementary food or glucose to him or her until your body adjusts and starts to produce milk. Also, allow your baby to latch on from time to time to stimulate breast milk. Sooner or later you will get a result like I did. In case it is taking much longer to produce milk don’t hesitate to visit your lactating consultant for professional advice.

So in your case, you may not be lucky to see your breast milk for the next few hours. It may take a while but my suggestion is that you don’t starve your baby. Click To Tweet

Sleep Deprivation: My journey to sleep deprivation caught me unaware and unprepared. I never expected it and no one told me I was going to face it. I wished my mom was alive to take care of my baby, it could have been a much relief for me. With my son, I stayed up awake through the nights from six in the evening to six in the morning. That’s twelve hours in a stretch. It was so hectic but I had no choice. There was a particular night my baby boy almost slipped out of my arms while nursing him amidst sleep. God saved me that he didn’t fall from my laps. It was since then I became more conscious at night.

Can I ask you some few questions: Has anyone ever told you that you are going to have a bout of sleepless night when you deliver your baby? Of course, no one will tell you this. Rather, you will be advised to get as much sleep as you can while you are still pregnant. But no matter how much sleep you are going to have right now until childbirth you will still need to take heed to the call of nature-sleep throughout your nursing period. So what if you happen to face sleep deprivation like I did? I suggest that you prepare your mind for it. It may be tough for you but try to keep calm and avoid being emotionally stressed. If possible, ask a close friend or a relative to spend some few days with you, offer help so you can rejuvenate.

Emotional Depression: This was my worst experience ever as a first time mom. It started like a nightmare when my mood changed few days after birthing my son. I began to hate him for no apparent reasons. I regretted my actions every time and wished it never happened in the first place. There were times I hated my son the more whenever he became fussy and when he was calm I would come to my senses and began to feel guilty. At the time all these were happening, I couldn’t figure out what was responsible for hating him with passion. I wished I knew this culprit called depression earlier so I wouldn’t give room to it the moment I became a mom.

There are certain things that triggers emotional depression and stress, they include; poor lifestyle, poor diet, painful and past event, wrong relationships, etc. So if you don’t want to have this unpleasant experience called depression, I encourage you to try controlling your emotion so you don’t transfer anger of aggression on your innocent baby. If there is anything that looks like ruining your mind hence making you to feel sudden hatred towards your baby, try shifting your mind on something that will make you to feel better. Whenever necessary, seek help from a very patient and understanding person to reach out to you. Their presence will be a great relief to you until you are emotionally recovered.

I hope you find this article helpful. Should you have any question to ask or contribution to make I will be pleased to read your comment below.

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