Why Are Children Suddenly Afraid Of What they Used To Love?

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My little girl, Olive has been disturbing me to put Coco Melon nursery rhyme for her. Although, she has been watching it before not until today she suddenly became scared of it.

I didn’t notice it until I discovered her eyes were tightly closed while still sitting. When I asked her if she was sleeping as she wasn’t nodding off her head to prove any sign, she said ‘no… I’m afraid’

I was wondering why she said so and what could be the reason of her becoming scared until she confessed she didn’t want to watch coco melon nursery rhyme again.

Seriously, there was nothing scaring about this coco melon as she had watched it several times. She always insisted that I repeat the video again and she never seemed to be satisfied watching it.

The nursery rhyme is a very colourful video with animation. In the video, the rhyme list ranges from A,B,C, old Macdonald had a farm, clean up and so many other educative rhymes which I believed will encourage her to learn at her age.

But on noticing her fear and her persistence that I stop the video, I had no choice than to oblige to her plea. Even after I had turned off the video, Olive refused to open her eyes. I carried her to the bed assuming she may want to sleep but this girl remained still on the bed with her eyes tightly closed.

I had wanted to go to the market few minutes later but one mind was telling me to take her along probably to avoid temperature rising by reason of her fear. I had no choice than to take her along until she took her mind of coco melon nursery rhyme which she had earlier watched.

Upon my discovery, I believe there is this mindset that children have about things they love most and later change all of a sudden. I can’t explain why it happens even when we as parents know that the program they watch is educative and does not view any sign of fearful things.

I actually know for sure that soon they will outgrow that fear as they advance in age but one thing we should know is that we must respect our children’s feeling. We may not see it the way they see it but refusing to listen to how they feel towards a program they watch may lead to an unpleasant outcome like; sudden rise of temperature, isolating from everyone in sight, unusual quietness and so on.

In order to avoid this negative impact called ‘fear’ it will be better we take them out to play or see things that will take their minds off the scene they just watched.

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Written by Mercy Christian

Wife, Caring Mom, Foodie, Child Care Expert & Volunteer. Devoted mom of two wonderful and lovely kids, Dominion and Olive. Lover of God and Humanity!
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