Why Can’t My Baby Just Stop Crying?

What You Need To Know And Do

Baby Crying Annoyingly

Having a baby who fusses a lot can be very stressful and annoying. I had same experience during my son’s time and I tell you it was very frustrating. There was nothing I didn’t do to calm him down that worked. From feeding him well to changing his clothes and diaper from time to time and everything seemed okay. I felt there was something more causing him discomfort and I had to find out and take care of it.

It dawned on me that my son was having colic all these while and I didn’t detect it on time until I did my research.

What then is Colic?

Colic is when a healthy baby cries or fusses frequently for a prolonged period of time. Sometimes, nothing you do relieves your baby even when he or she doesn’t seem to be hungry. There is something more bothering your baby and that could be colic in question.

Colic is very common in most babies. The symptom starts few hours or days after they are born. But the good news is that the symptom fades away within three months or less.

How Can I Treat This Colic?

First of all, be rest assured that colic is not a disease nor harmful to your baby. It’s quite normal and most newbies experience it. It will subside on its own as your baby grows. But if this condition leaves you worrying and you want to do something fast to soothe your baby, then I suggest you give this tricks a trial.

Trick Number 1: Offer a bath and a massage

Give your baby a warm bath and gently massage every ounce of his or her body. Most importantly, dip a soft towel into the warm water and gently press it against your baby’s tummy to give him or her that internal relief. Following this routine, you will discover your baby will pass out gas or have a bowel movement which will in turn enable him or her to have some comfort.

Trick Number 2: Never leave your baby alone.

This may be a bit difficult for you to do especially when you need some privacy. In my case I have had to take my son along to the restroom to defecate. He was not going to stop crying and I had no choice than to keep him company. Sound weird, right? Well, I had no other option at that time neither did I have anyone who could have assisted me to carry him for a while until i was done. So as a mom who have a baby that wouldn’t stop crying, your physical absence can make him or her to cry. You should bear in mind that all this while your baby is not used to the outside world yet.

Your baby had been in your womb and it seems to him or her that staying more closer to you is safer. Although, there is a misconception that letting your baby to be more attached to you may lead to depriving people from carrying them. Go ahead and let your baby bond with you. It doesn’t necessarily means you are over pampering him or her. You are simply doing what you feel is soothing for your baby.

Trick Number 3: Sing for your baby

Yes, babies love songs. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a good voice like me or how you sing it. Just sing a song! What your baby needs is calmness and you are in the best position as a parent to sing a soothing song to him or her. Singing for your baby helps him or her to calm down and fall asleep too. So if you want this trick to work for you, ensure you are not worried or tensed up. You will need to be calm when attempting to sing a song and it will amaze you how your baby will love it.

There is absolutely no doubt that one or two of these tricks will work tremendously for your baby. But in case your baby still does not respond to any, visit your doctor for medical help.

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