Why Is My Infant Not Taking Puree?

Baby Refusing Solid Puree
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My toddler doesn’t eat puree nor take formula… I don’t know why. I have tried to convince him to but to no avail. I think it’s because he doesn’t like them and I have to try other different puree and formula till I find what is suitable for him. What surprises me most is that he prefers solid food that the whole family eats and I feel it’s not yet time because of his tender age. What should I do? I’m worried.

I understand how you feel momma. I have been there before. But it’s absolutely nothing to worry about. It’s just that your infant has chosen what is suitable for him. He has found his feeding method which is called the Baby Led Weaning Method (BLW). Nine percent of mothers will find themselves in this category which is not very common among other methods like Spoon Feeding or Mix Method.

A mom contacted me some time ago and stressed that her infant refused all formula she bought for her. She refused puree except solid food prepared for older people or the family. She was afraid that her baby was going to get choked by reason of eating solid food. I told her to relax and allow her to explore what she loves doing but under motherly supervision.

If for any reason your infant prefers to eat food that every member of the family eats, try to make the food softer for easy digestion. Click To Tweet

Nevertheless, not all babies will accept the spoon feeding method which has to do with puree neither will they fall for the mixed method that has to do with offering finger food and spoon feeding. It’s okay for your toddler to find what is suitable for him as long as the food is not harmful to the health or it doesn’t pose any sign of allergy to him. And even if your toddler is allergic to solid food, the cause may not be the food itself but may be some particular ingredients used such as spices which he may react to.

If for any reason your infant prefers to eat food that every member of the family eats, try to make the food softer for easy digestion. For example; if your toddler likes rice, you may have to cook it to be more tender but not in a pureed form. This style will enable the child not to get choked or suffer indigestion. As long as the food is healthy, there is no standard that says every infant must start with puree whether he or she likes it or not.

So when your infant falls into the category of a Baby Led Weaning Method, relax and let him but make sure there are no stuff that are not ingestible found in the food. Also make sure that each time you prepare a meal should be a balanced diet consisting all the essential nutrients for healthy growth. Lastly, the meal should not be too hard for your child to avoid constipation. And don’t forget to offer drinking water all the time.

Caution: Make sure your child is up to six months of age before introducing this method of feeding. Otherwise, you may have to visit his Pediatrician for professional advice. Your child’s health is your number one priority.

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