You Are Responsible For Your Child’s Attitude

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Three weeks ago, my children and I went for a fellowship located in our neighbourhood. We had barely started when my five year old son started pacing around the sitting room before everyone there.. It was so embarrassing to me and I thought of putting a stop to it. We weren’t much during the fellowship but everyone was expected to remain attentive except for the little children who would not comply to instruction to stay calm.

So my son and his little sister who is two years plus were busy moving from one corner to the other. Maybe their reason for displaying such attitude was just to while away time because it seemed they couldn’t understand what the host was preaching. Part of me said why not stylishly call the boy to order so as to avoid unnecessary distractions whilst the other part of me said there was no need to since he is just a child. And truly he is but without wasting much time, I decided to take heed to the first thought and then signaled my son to come closer as if I wanted to give him something. His eyes lit up as he glanced at my fist hoping to get what he was supposedly expecting from me. When he eventually drew closer to me, I whispered to his ears to go sit down quietly and behave himself. Immediately he noticed that the tone in my voice wasn’t a very casual one but an authoritative one, he calmly went to sit down and his sister upon noticing it followed suit.

I was able to talk some senses into my son to behave well when found in someone’s home or anywhere else and I was happy he reasoned well with me without any difficulty. At his age, he understood the Dos and Dont’s rules at that moment. I did the right thing to save us from inconveniencing other people at that particular time. I didn’t have to wait for someone to call my attention to caution my son while I was seated and watching. It was expected of me to use my initiative to do something as quickly as possible.

After we were through with the fellowship and dismissed to our various homes, I still called my son to address more on the issue of proper behaviour in places he may find himself. I made him realised that it is not right to misbehave in places or meetings where child play is out of bounds. I wanted him to behave politely and I’m glad he cooperated with me.

Parenting is hard work but it is worth fulfilling when we do the right thing at the right time. It is okay to give your children the opportunity to be kids but when found in places where play is out of bound, you should be… Click To Tweet

Parenting is hard work but it is worth fulfilling when we do the right thing at the right time. It is okay to give your children the opportunity to be kids but when found in places where play is out of bound, you should be responsible for your child’s attitude. If your child is of an understanding age or a little bit matured let him or her know the rules on proper behavioural approach in public places. Don’t say “does it really matter? After all he is just a kid”. As long as your child is of an understanding age and no longer a toddler, guide him on what to do and what not to do. By doing such doesn’t necessarily mean you as a parent are strict or harsh. You are just avoiding what should be avoided.

People may not have to remind you to call your child to order but they are watching and can analyse the kind of parent you are. Can I tell you something? No parent want his or her children to associate with other people’s children who are not well behaved. And you will have yourself to blame for it. This is because no reasonable parents want any issue that may result to damages of any kind. It’s just the truth.

It is not wise to ignore what you shouldn’t when your child causes discomfort to other people. Not everyone can tolerate it and not every place he or she find themselves is allowed for play. Sometimes as parents it requires common sense to take prompt action over what it seemed like to be overlooked. Your children are in your hand. Therefore, it is advisable to handle them properly so they won’t grow and form it as a habit.

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